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Friday, 29 September 2017

What's Going On This Week?

Happy Friday! 
I hope the week has been kind to you all :)

To say that we have been very busy bees again this week would be somewhat of an understatement!

Last Week I showed you the Pallet Gate that we let me introduce our new pallet bath:

Reclaimed Pallet Bath

It isn't completely finished yet, we're going to paint it and then sand it down a bit again to give it the shabby chic distressed look, but as you can see it's already looking pretty good.

Next up, since Halloween is just around the corner here is a photo of our Addams Family patch and pin combo (coincidentally this photo is taken on a board we made from old pallets, maybe I'll do a post about this soon)

Addams Family Pin and Patch Combo

I'm sure I've mentioned that the pin badge glows in the dark, but did you know the patch glows too? how cool is that?!

Not the easiest thing to take photos in the dark but you get the picture :)
This week we took the kids out to Petrel Castle, we like to make sure they aren't cooped up in the house. Unfortunately when we got there it was closed so we couldn't explore inside but we still had loads of fun pretending we were defending the castle from all the dragons and trolls that turned up just after we got there.

Petrel Castle
My bike has been looking very sorry for itself recently. I've had it for almost 6 years and up until now it has been a rat bike, that is to say whenever anything started to get rusty or broken I just sprayed it matt black and forgot about it! 

My old reliable Vulcan

This was partly due to necessity since in the UK I rode to work daily all year round through the British winters, so it would have been impossible to keep it "shiny", but partly I suppose due to laziness. Since moving out here and not having to ride through the wet salty UK winters I have the opportunity to restore her to her former glory, so this week I've been stripping her down and giving her some TLC.

Front Fender

When I first bought her she was red and shiny, then I turned her matt black and fierce, this time she is going to be a royal blue tribute to the club that I belong to, White Wolf Brotherhood Motorcycle Club


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  1. Your pallet bath panel looks fab, I like it how it is. Great re-pray on the bike.

  2. what a clever idea. i love he bath. and the castle looks amazing.
    have a nice weekend

  3. I have to say that that bath is gorgeous! I love it.

    Good luck on the bike overhaul.

    Thanks for hosting and hope you have a great weekend.

    Best wishes,

  4. Your bike is going to be beautiful when you finish! I love the blue! The pallet bath is awesome...can't wait to see it painted and distressed also. And that patch is so cool! If I had little ones going trick or treating, I would definitely want that for them! Looks like you had a great week!

  5. Fun post! I want to play at a castle! What lucky kiddos. ;) And that tub looks awesome! Great job. I'm sure working on your bike will be quite a labor of love. Lol
    Happy weekend!

  6. Loved hearing about the role play at the castle, great ideas kids have. The bath looks great, very good. Cx

  7. Bath looks fab! The castle sounds pretty cool too, my kids love a run around somewhere like that.


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