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Friday, 15 September 2017

Hierba Luisa - A Must Have Plant For Any Garden

Having recently been introduced to this plant I am now a total convert!

Hierba Luisa (Aloysia Citrodora)

Hierba Luisa (Aloysia Citrodora), more commonly known in English as Lemon Verbena or Lemon Beebrush, can be successfully grown indoors and out. In places with harsh winters it is best grown in a container that can be moved into shelter during cold months.

It may not be the first plant in the garden to catch your eye but once you get to know it there is a subtle beauty to the plant and its small pale flowers. The real magic happens however when you take one of the leaves and crush it in your hands. The scent is surreal, the most powerful citrus smell you are likely to find in any plant, not to mention the leaves and the flowering tops are used to make medicine.

It can be used as an ingredient in herbal teas, medicinal tinctures, perfumes and even alcoholic beverages. The essential oil of lemon verbena, when extracted, contains a high concentration of powerful antioxidant compounds that can be used to aid in weight loss, strengthen muscles, reduce inflammation, boost immunity, aids in digestion, reduces fevers, treats congestion and can also have a positive impact on anxiety and nerves.

The easiest way to take advantage of these powerful properties is to steep the leaves flowers and stems in hot water to make a fragrant herbal tea, but you can also harness the power of Lemon Verbena by adding it to your bath water for a relaxing and calming soak.

Hierba Luisa Tea
I've been drinking it as a herbal tea almost every day this week and I'm even considering giving up "normal" tea and switching to herbal every day as i'm enjoying it so much!

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend, thanks for stopping by once again for Five on Friday :)


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  1. I love herbals, but I didn't know this plant. Thank you very much for the infos. I had to try this.
    have a nice weekend.

  2. I was going to say this would probably make a great tea and then you mentioned herbal tea. Yummy. Anything citrus y!!!

  3. I brought a book once but sadly never really looked into it. It was called 'Grow Your Own Drugs' which is not quite as it seems, but rather home remedies that can 'easily' (not convinced about this bit) be made in the kitchen. Teas and treatments etc.
    I'll leave the link in case this interests anyone. Cx

  4. Some of the old people here brew up teas made of local plants. I stick to coffee, myself, but my wife likes tea.

    The hurricane beat the tar out of us here in the mountains, took me a while to get back up and running here on the mountain top, but wanted to stop by and see how you and the family are doing. Glad all is well.

  5. The gorgeous post learned a great deal Thanks greatly! Get the facts


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