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Friday, 18 August 2017

Spanish Fiestas

Thanks to everyone that messaged and commented last week with their support.

After Last Week's Post (Suicide & Mental Health) I'm glad to say this week will be on a much happier note. Last weekend from Friday right round until Tuesday the annual August Fiestas decended on our sleepy little village in the middle of nowhere. For 5 days the population of this village went from around 100 to more like 1000 as every family and friend of the residents turned up for a celebration of gigantic proportions (compared to how small the place is)

A lot of the festivities take place quite late, between 12.00 and 2.00am, mainly to avoid the scorching heat of the day. Spanish people tend to let their children stay up a lot later than we typically do in the UK, especially during fiesta times.

We had Bull running on the Friday night to start things off, we didn't go down but it was held in the dry riverbed outside our house so we could see it all anyway. I don't really agree with it but I accept that it is their traditions, their culture and heritage so I can understand why it is important to them, and I must say that they treat the animals far better in our village than they do in many of the other places I have seen.

The following morning was the annual Gachamiga contest. (If you haven't tried it before we previously posted a Gachamiga Recipe HERE) Essentially the entire village comes together to cook Gachamiga in the traditional long handled pans over open fires in the middle of the road!

Gachamiga contest 2017 Cases Del Senyor
More and more families turned up to take part and filled the entire village with the smell and sound of sizzling pans full of Gachamiga. Passing cars just had to make their way around as and when they can but nothing is more important than a fiesta in Spain so nobody seems to mind the inconvenience they just accept it as part of life. Our fiestas and all of the events and activities are paid for by the local council and fundraising done by the community in advance, so everything is free of charge to everyone that takes part and is a great way for the council to give back to the community and really bring local families together in the community spirit that we seem to have largely lost in the UK. All the ingredients were handed out to participants for free and there were cases of wine being dished out for everyone attending to drink, all completely free and when it was over every family wanted to invite us to try their gachamiga and invited me Carly and the kids to come over and drink wine with them as we ate gachamiga for breakfast. The people here are always so welcoming to us as foreigners, I'm very grateful to be able to speak enough Spanish to understand and partake in basic small talk even though it is not something I have ever had lessons in I just pick it up as I go along.

Gachamiga Contest 2017 Cases Del Senyor
When everyone was finished cooking the Gachamiga was put on plates with peoples names on the bottom so that the judges didn't know whose they were tasting until afterwards.

The important people and village elders were called to taste test and crown the winners. Apart from bragging rights for the year the winners also got expensive legs of Jamon, Wine and even a weekend away in Benidorm!
Elders judging the Gachamiga contest

After that we had a foam party in the street, you can see Logan here up to his chin in it! Foam was fired from a cannon all over the place, although it was raining quite hard on the day so they cut the party short and came back for a few hours the next day to do it all over again to make sure the kids didn't miss out.

Foam Party 2017 Cases Del Senyor

There were bouncy castles, fireworks, music processions and every night the bull running. There was also gigantic pans of paella cooked to feed the whole village, musical processions, chocolate fountains and many other things that make the fiestas an incredible experience and I can honestly say the fiestas in this area are some of the best I have ever been to. 

On the last day there was a train ride that took the kids to the next village and back, playing music,  everyone clapping and singing along it was a great end to the fiestas for us, the kids absolutely loved it and seeing them so happy and getting involved with Spanish culture did my heart the world of good.

As great as the fiestas are it is also nice to return once more to the sleepy little village that we are used to, but we are already looking forward to the fiestas next year!

Hope you all have an amazing weekend, thanks for stopping by for Five on Friday


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  1. Sounds wonderful! I love hearing about traditional events that have stood the test of time. Some small villages near me still have their gala day where people come together but I know that they struggle to get people to help organise events.

    I'm so glad the locals have welcomed you into their community. I think trying to speak the language (however badly) helps :-)

  2. You certainly had a lot of fun, but I hate these bull runnings tradition or not ! Some traditions have to be abolished, It had been a tradition also that a woman had to be a virgin before marriage, there is no excuse. The Italians also have such fun village celebrations but they don't need to chase a bull for that ! That's so cruel. I wished the bull would defend himself and injure a few people !

  3. A village fair, that sounds like fun. I particularly like the foam throwing. I thought for a moment there was some freak snow storm! It is good to be part of a community and I am glad your family is so welcome in this village.

    I hope this past week has been a bit easier for you. I have been thinking about you often. x

  4. Looks like a lot of fun. I would want to play in that foam myself! Hope you are doing well and have a wonderful weekend!

  5. I don't see a linky?... Here's by Five on Friday:


  6. What a fabulous event and all that good food! So glad to see you have been able to participate in some of the fun and lighter side of life this week. Take care.

  7. Oh what incredible fun! I would love to be in Spain for this celebration one day! It sounds so wonderful! It sounds like you are doing better, and I am glad.

  8. Wow!! that was great fulfilled time..

  9. Looks like you all had a great time. Never seen foam fun before, especially outside, think kids would love that. Glad you're feeling better within yourself x

  10. I love hearing about traditional events that have stood the test of time. Some small villages near me still have their gala day where people come together but I know that they struggle to get people to help organise events.



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