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Tuesday, 1 August 2017

Rhode Knives Whittling Knife

My amazing mother has always enabled my passions so it is no surprise really that she got me the most thoughtful gift for my birthday:

Rhode Knives Custom Walnut Whittling Knife

I was treated to this GORGEOUS handmade custom whittling knife so I can hone my wood carving skills. As you may know my main go-to knife is also a Rhode knives custom and coincidentally was also a gift from my mother (I know right, best mom in the world or what?). That knife is called Thorn and is the most amazing quality knife, this one is no different!

It has a stainless blade and English walnut handle with brass and green accents in the hilt that are complemented by the green stitching on the thick, quality leather sheath. It is incredibly comfortable to hold and use and I can't wait to get back into carving, it's been at least a decade since I carved anything at all so no doubt I'll be a bit rusty but that's all part of the fun.

If you want to check out Rhode Knives you can find them at their Etsy store on Facebook and also on Instagram.

Disclaimer: As always I have not been paid of incentivised for this post, you cannot buy kind words here you just have to cut the mustard and impress us!


  1. What a super cool mother you have buying you knives as presents lol.. love my own Rhode knives knife, Adam is an amazing man x

  2. What a beautiful knife! That is great birthday gift!!!

  3. What a great gift. Serious knife envy here!

  4. Happy Birthday! It is a super cool present. Coincidentally, I have just looked up wood carving courses, I would love to be able to carve wooden spoons.

  5. my dad was a chronic whittler , i had endless supplies of strange mutant animals as a child and was very impressed . My mother was far less impressed becaue he left a trail of shavings everywhere

  6. When my brother and I were kids camping in The New Forest, we'd sit with our pen knives striping bark off our walking sticks. Happy days!


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