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Friday, 4 August 2017

Polymath Products

Happy Friday Folks!

I received a package with a few different Polymath Products items for my birthday that I am keen to share with you all!

A Selection of Polymath Products Items
I got a MEDC keyring First Aid Kit, a UCSK Ultra Compact Survival Kit, a pack of Atom Light micro LED torches and the Nav Bead, a glow in the dark compass, personal marker and pace counter.

The items all arrived in record time and I love that they put in some free kendal mint cakes with their orders!  As soon as I've been able to properly test out the items in the field I'll do a proper review on each one. If you haven't come across Polymath Products before you can find them on their website here

According to their site:
"Polymath Products is a UK-based business that specialises in innovative outdoor products, launched in September 2013 with the highly popular Ultra Compact Survival Kit (UCSK). Since then, Polymath Products has become a leading brand in the compact survival kit and EDC markets, with our unique products now being sold internationally.

Fuelled by our own enthusiasm for the Great Outdoors and gadgets, we strive to offer the most practical, well thought-out and exciting products to our customers, while also providing great value for money and exemplary customer service throughout."

Although I haven't fully tested my gear yet they are highly rated by many of my friends and high profile members of the survival community so I am confident enough in the quality of their items to recommend them as a company regardless.

Disclaimer: I have not been paid or incentivised for this post, you cannot buy kind words on this blog you just have to cut the mustard and impress us


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  1. Dear Tricky Wolf,
    for me such things are also very interesting. Thank you for the tip, I will check the site and I'm looking forward to your testing.

    Many greetings

  2. You are always up to interesting things, so I look forward to seeing how you get on with these items. Glad that Five On Friday is still going well, I hope that you are enjoying it!

  3. I hope for you that all these things work as you wish, I personally can't do anything with a survival kit, I survive in a very survival friendly environment, lol !

  4. happy friday and happy birthday! getting things in the mail is so much fun...i hope they live up to your expectations!

  5. Great birthday gifts!!! Look forward to hearing how they are working for you,

  6. Happy Birthday, enjoy your gifts. Cathy x

  7. Happy Birthday! Those look like great and fun plus practical gifts!

  8. I survive in a very survival friendly environment, lol !


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