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Friday, 25 August 2017

5 Things You Learn When You Get a Puppy

Happy Friday Everyone!

This is our last Five on Friday for August and since it has been somewhat of a heavy month I thought I'd do a lighthearted post this week.

As you may know, last month we brought home two puppies! So after having them as part of the family for a month now these are the things I have learned about having young puppies:

Astrid pretending that butter wouldn't melt

1. Sleep
Puppies sleep on average for 26 hours a day 8 days a week. They tend to wake up only soil or otherwise destroy something when you are not looking and then convincingly pretend to be the cutest thing in the world so that you don't get mad at them. I suspect it is a built in survival trait.

2. Poop
Puppies are able to excrete their own body mass each day and can do so at will. Sometimes it seems that they do it all at once in one place and other times they like to surprise you by hiding it in multiple locations to see if you were paying attention. I can only be thankful that we have tiled floors because I don't know how anyone can have a puppy and carpets at the same time!

Astrid can always be found exactly where you don't want her to be!

3. Obedience
Much like human children they do not listen to anything or play with anything unless you specifically do not want them to.

4. Smell
We bath our dogs once a week and they do not have access to anything dirty but nevertheless they smell. Whether it is "Dog Smell" or "Dog Fart" it seems our living room will never again smell like fresh linen!

5. Family
When puppies are this young their cons seem to vastly outweigh their pros. It seems their only redeeming quality is that they are cute and might become more useful when they grow up. But through all the accidents on the floor, sleepless nights and having to change your whole life routine to accommodate your new family members you'll find that you wouldn't change a thing because a puppy unconditionally loves it's owners and its a feeling that you cannot help being mutual!

Just look at that cute little face!
I hope you've all had a wonderful week and wish you an amazing weekend, thanks for joining us once again for Five on Friday :)


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  1. Your puppies are so cute <3
    My son's Bernese mountain dog Coconut just got 10 puppies! They are about two weeks old now - and the people in the house are a group of nervous wrecks :)
    Happy weekend!

  2. Yes - this things I recognized as well. even if they are older they look to you and melt your heart :)
    and yes - the smell is definitely a thing that bothers us too. but if you own pets it's not a great problem - but for the visitors ;)
    enjoy the time with them - the grow up way tooo fast.
    happy weekend

  3. puppies are awesome! i don't know if you remember that we got a husky puppy last year - but sadly, our 4 rescue cats hated her! she just kept trying to jump on them and they were not happy about it! so we had to give her back. we got her from our nearest neighbours and when we brought her back and she went out in the yard with 4 other dogs, including her father, i cried my face off she was soooo happy nipping with the other dogs and running around with them. she needed a pack and she got one. and our cats went back to normal as they were all acting strange while she was here. i am super glad that you got 2 puppies - they need each other to grow and learn.

    sending love, as always! your friend,

  4. I have been up in these mountains now for about 32 years. I live way the hell back in the woods, and the forest around me is deep, dark, and dense. I honestly doubt I could have made it up here without good dogs. We have wolves, coyotes, bobcats, mountain lions , wild hogs that can cut you up in the blink of an eye, and then there are the bears. My dogs are worth their weight in gold, especially when I consider that the worst predators up here at the two legged variety. Dogs are good friends. They don't dump you when times get tough, and they don't love you for what they can get out of you.

  5. Your puppies are going to give you lots of good times together. I would love to own a dog, but have to resist because of our two-home lifestyle. Hope all is going well with you now.

  6. Those puppies are so cute! Puppies are certainly a lot like children aren't they? We debate getting dogs from time to time but have decided a cat is enough for us right now. Hope you are having a great week!

  7. Such a wonderful post! It is definitely like having babies again when you bring them into your home, and yes, they are too cute to be mad at long! :-)

  8. Aww!!! cute adorable...

  9. I should think the kids love there play mates too, dogs are fantastic they always greet you with a waggy tail and love you unconditional, they will be great protectors of there pack, just got to get throught those puppy days.

  10. I just realized that I forgot to put my link and read this cute post ! In fact human or animal babies are very much the same, lol !


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