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Friday, 14 July 2017

TOP SECRET - Survival Tin with a Twist

This week I have a top secret thing to talk about for 5 mins for Five on Friday

Mini Survival Tin Kit

This is a little project I've been working on and I'm now fairly happy with it so if you promise not to tell anyone I'll give you a sneaky peek inside

Survival Tin Contents
There are a million different people that make a million different pocket survival kit tins but this one is different. This one is very special to me, because this one is a kit I have put together myself to give to my son on his 5th birthday in October. He absolutely loves getting all the things out of my kits and has been asking if he can borrow my kits so he can come on survival outings with me so I was over the moon to put together a basic kit suitable to his age.

Survival Kit Contents
In the Kit from left to right we have:
The Tin
A Credit Card Fresnel Lens
A Compass
A Paracord Bracelet with Whistle Buckle
A locking Carabiner
2 Werthers Originals
Micro Tweezers
A Ferro Rod and Striker
A Mini Pry Bar
A Survival Whistle
A Miniature Mirror (plastic)
Duct Tape
A Pencil

Pocket Survival Kit with Bracelet
It all goes together with the bracelet to keep the lid from popping off. there isn't a great deal of space left inside but if you have any ideas or suggestions that would be appropriate for a 5 year old I'd love to hear them.

As a side note the reason I haven't included any first aid items, plasters etc is because I have a matching first aid tin that I plan to sort out and have as one of his stocking fillers at Christmas.


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  1. Great fun. He's going to love it, especially the Werthers. 😊

    1. yeah I doubt they will last very long in his kit haha!

  2. Hehe, what are you doing with a credit card in the middle of nowhere ??
    Besides that the idea is great made me think of the survival knife of Rambo which my husband had bought for himself lol in the 80th.

    1. Yeah they used to fit all sorts inside the handle :)

  3. Love this idea and I'm sure he will too :)


    1. Can't wait to see his face when he gets it :)

  4. lovely idea - I'm sure he enjoys it :)

  5. Great idea. He will enjoy it ... hours and hours of taking everything out and putting it back in! I'll have to think on this some more ... it would be fun to put a "girly" tin together for little girls. Happy Friday!

    1. we will be putting one together for our daughter but I don't think the items in survival kits are particularly gender specific so i imagine it'll be pretty much the same :)

  6. Perfect present for a five year old adventurer! You can never go wrong with a Werther's. I doubt there is space in the box but my own adventurers found a dry bag always really useful. Maybe a length of string? Always useful in the wilderness (and even the back garden). Happy Friday!

    1. string is always useful! I might not be able to fit a dry sack in but perhaps I could keep the kit wrapped up in one, a great idea :)

  7. Absolutely awesome survival tin! He's going to love it. What a perfect gift!

  8. This will no doubt age me for what I'm about to 'say'....but that idea for a birthday gift for a 5 year old, is absolutely 'nifty'!!!!!

  9. Great idea and great contents, what about some paper to go with the pencil, that is the only thing I can think of! I am sure that he will love it.

  10. That is so cool Tricky! He is going to absolutely love it!! I think you picked perfect items and love how it all fits in the perfect little tin. ;) Is there anything you could maybe put in for purifying water? Tablets?
    Have a great weekend

    1. a great idea and I think I could just about squeeze a strip of those in :)

  11. so many things in such a tiny box!!!

    1. I think if he gets it all out it will be a great challenge for him to fit it all back in! haha at least it will keep him entertained


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