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Friday, 28 July 2017

Friday Catch Up

This week has been so busy for us, it feels like things are finally starting to happen.

We have had our geotechnical study back which means we've been able to submit the plans for the house to the town hall for planning permission, which all things going according to plan we should be granted by september so that we can go ahead with the building! Exciting stuff

Sacha and Astrid 

The Two Rescue Puppies Astrid and Sacha are doing really well and are already looking much happier and healthier now that they are with us. They are a great distraction to have around and their little characters are so funny t watch as they bound around and play.

Carly and Astrid

I think the kids must be sleeping in bags of fertiliser because I can't believe how much they have grown up in the last year. All the homemade food, hikes and fresh mountain air have turned our babies into miniature adults already!

Aurora and Logan
Fresh Wild Rosemary
Rosemary in the nesting boxes

We're still spoiling the chickens with fresh herbs in their nesting boxes, although it has been so hot recently that the egg laying has dropped a little, which hasn't been helped by both our bantams going broody on us and refusing to leave the nest boxes for most of the day. hopefully after the end of august things will start to cool down a little and things will be back on track.

Khaleesi being a very grumpy broody girl

OK so I guess I've gone slightly over the 5 photos/things this week but I wont tell if you won't ;)

Hope you all have an amazing weekend, thank you once again for joining us for Five on Friday


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  1. So cute puppies!
    If I had a bed with rosmarin, so I would never leave it ;-)
    Have a great weekend

  2. Oh what lovely photos! September isn't too far away but plenty of time to enjoy lots of fun with those cute dogs before the work starts.

  3. They are really cute these little puppies, how lucky they were to have such a nice home now. Your kids too have grown ! I also spent my childhood on the countryside how fun that was !

  4. So lovely photos. The puppies and the chicken are sooo cute. Wild rosmarin - hmmm I really can smell it.
    have a nice weekend

  5. Cute children!!! So happy looking with their huge smiles for us!!
    And of course, darling puppies.
    I didn't know anything about placing herbs in chicken's nests. I learned something.

    I'm like the hens tho, I am hot and laying around MY nest. lol

  6. cute puppies and cute's always so interesting to see what stuff you are doing!

  7. Aww I so love your new puppies!
    Great photo of happy Aurora and Logan!
    Hope the hens appreciate the herbs!

  8. Such sweet kids and puppies, happiness everywhere! Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  9. Only goodness in your world! So happy your plans are moving ahead for your farm! And building your home! And the children look so happy and healthy..they are living the life I wish more children could live! The puppies are just precious. So much to be thankful for!

  10. Kids are looking healthy, puppies looking happy, hens looking grumpy. Two out of three ain't bad! Thanks for hosting this party. I love reading about what others are up to.

  11. The puppies look adorable and are growing well, they look so happy. Cathy.

  12. Na, wie wäre es hier ein Übersetzungsprogramm einzubauen?!!!
    Ich würde mit sehr darüber freuen, dann könnte ich auch die Texte lesen, und bräuchte nicht nur die Nester Eurer Hühner, die so liebevoll mit Rosmarinkränzen umgeben sind, zu bewundern!
    Alles Liebe

  13. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  14. happiness everywhere! Hope you have a wonderful weekend!



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