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Sunday, 9 July 2017

Fire Friday

Friday night we had a bit of a scare!

There was a big thunder storm so everyone was indoors, when all of a sudden we heard a plane fly past low over the rooftops followed quickly by the sound of a helicopter.

Where we live is very rural and remote, we almost never have a helicopter out this way so the moment we heard the engines we knew something wasn't right. I pulled my boots on and headed outside to investigate and saw this:

These aren't clouds, this is smoke!

We assumed the lightning must have started a fire on the other side of the mountain and the smoke was pouring into the sky. You see the problem with living next to a pine forest is that pine trees burn like a barrel of oil and once one starts burning the flames spread like dominoes falling over and the wild fire can move so much faster than most people think it can.

I cannot commend the firefighting services enough out here, they were so quick to respond and collected tons of water to drop on the fire and keep it under control, after a couple of hours of battling the flames it started to rain quite heavily which no doubt helped to put out the fire.

From the vantage point at the end of our road I could see where the helicopter was collecting the water from and also where he was unloading it up the mountain so it was a bit close for comfort, any bigger or closer and the area would have had to be evacuated.

Before most people had figured out what was going on we were aware of the possible danger and ready to leave if necessary. It goes to show that being aware of the sounds going on outside, even when you are in your own home, could literally be the difference between life and death in some cases. This is why we are prepared, this is why we will survive. Going forward it has brought to my attention that we may need to try and incorporate fire breaks in to our designs for the land, as much for other peoples sake as our own.



  1. That's a bit scary, good job the firefighters got to work so swiftly.

  2. Glad that all is well, I hope it stays that way!

    1. yep, i think we've had out fair share of excitement now!

  3. I know that's scary. When we first moved out to the country there was a forest fire about 15 miles as the crow flies to the southwest of our cabin. In the US, fire usually burns in a northeasterly direction because of the prevailing winds. We had cinders falling on the car windshield and picnic table. We loaded up crucial documents, the computer,some family heirlooms, etc, and took them into a storage locker in town. Their is only one way in to our little valley. Hubby put together a "bug out box" with some food,water, sleeping bags, warm clothes, etc, in case we had to flee UP the mountainside. We didn't, thank heavens. Now there are several wildfires burning in Colorado but not really very close to us. I just want rain! AND WHO SAYS CLIMATE CHANGE IS NOT REAL??? Duh. Glad your place and family are safe.

    1. after living in the UK for most of my life I never thought i'd say this but I just want rain too haha

  4. Very frightening! Glad they were quick to get the fire under control!


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