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Monday, 24 July 2017

A Viking Spoon

I recently received a brilliant surprise in the post:

My Instagram buddy RebornFeral had sent me one of his hand carved spoons! 

This one held particular significance for me as a heathen since the handle is carved in to the shape of a giant Mjolnir (Thor's hammer).

It's a beautiful piece, hand carved from sycamore. Following him on IG has really inspired me to practice my own carving skills, something I have wanted to master for as long as I can remember. I will try my hardest not to flood the blog with photos of my terrible attempts at spoons that are sure to come!

If you use Instagram I highly recommend following RebornFeral for a breath of fresh air, he is an amazing parent, a great carver aswell as a rewilding and barefoot enthusiast!



  1. That's an amazing spoon! Have fun carving - even a 'terrible attempt' spoon is useful for stirring the jam (or whatever you will be cooking).

  2. Beautiful spooe!! Would you oil it? Is it to be used or for decoration?

  3. Some young friends and I (mostly at least a third of my age) have been getting together to learn new skills. We hire the village hall for the day and invite someone with a particular skill we fancy to give a taster to demonstrate their skill. It is wonderful to see young people learning useful skills like willow weaving, felting etc. In september someone is coming (to my place this time, not the village hall) to show us spoon carving. I studied wood sculpture at art college, but have not touched a chisel (apart from when cleaning up the beehives!) since. I'm really looking forward to this session. I suspect our spoons wont be as impressive as yours

  4. A beautiful spoon, Tricky! What an awesome gift!


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