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Friday, 30 June 2017

Five on Friday

Welcome back for another Five on Friday!
Happy 59th Birthday to Cindy The bee lady from hilltop farm! We hope you have the best day :)

Thank you to all the amazing people that have posted such beautiful and positive comments in the last couple of weeks. We are so blessed to have such a fantastic family of supportive people around us through this blog.

Speaking of blessings lets get stuck in with this weeks Five. As many of you know I am a biker through and through, I've been riding motorcycles since I left school and nothing short of death could stop me continuing to ride them for as long as I am physically able to. This week I got the chance to snap a photo of my bike parked up at the front of our land when I visited to check in on the people doing the geotechnical survey for us

Our Land
I've owned this old girl longer than any other bike I've had, when I am on her she is an extension of my body and I can move her in and out of traffic as easily as breathing. The land behind is ours as far as the eye can see (obviously excluding the mountains but that would be far too much even for us!) The plot is narrow and long, making up a total of 5 acres of mostly almonds with a couple of olive trees. One of the first things we'll be doing is adding in more diversity so that there is always something to do and more importantly always something to eat!

Nasturtium flower
This is a photo of one of the nasturtiums we're growing. Apart from being beautiful you can eat the flowers, leaves and seeds of nasturtiums and they are also a great natural parasite remover when fed to chickens etc
They came from seeds given to us by my mother which she had saved from my grandmothers garden, who in turn had saved them from my great grandmothers nasturtiums! So this strain has been saved and kept every year by my family for at least the last 4 generations, I'd hate to break a tradition like that so have to grow them myself and in time I'll be teaching my children all about this amazing flower and the fierce women of our family that have grown it for well over the last hundred years.

Home Made Falafel
This week we've also cooked home made falafel, in fact we had it twice this week because they were just so good! They're easy to make too and great for vegetarians or even vegans. Perhaps I'll do a post with the recipe etc if it's something that would interest you then let me know in the comments.

Figgy Goodness!
Last week I showed you how well the almond trees were coming along and I clean forgot about the figs! as you can see from the photo it's fig season in our area now so we'll be collecting a daily handful of natural goodness for as long as the trees allow :)

Badass Dad Clan Sticker and Badges
I've mentioned the Badass Dad Clan previously but didn't go n to much detail. The Badass Dad Clan is a Facebook Group I've created for all the Badass Dads to get together. This group is about Celebrating each others achievements as fathers, supporting each other through the hard times and building each other up. This group is for the modern Badass Dads that give a shit about their kids, support their family and take care of business. It is a place that dads can share stories, support each other and continue to be their awesome selves. If you know anyone worthy of joining please spread the word whether it's your father, partner, a friend or even your children that have kids of their own. It is growing in to a truly amazing group full of inspirational fathers.

Thank you all once again for joining in with us for Fie on Friday, we hope you have an amazing weekend


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  1. Hard to think that you'll soon have a house on that plot, well soonish! It looks really big from that angle, wonderful to have a view of the mountains. I love the tale of the nasturtiums, good job they grow fairly easily, it would have been a nightmare if it was something tricky, Tricky. 😊

    1. yeah they're super easy to grow, but it's still crazy to think that for over 100 years no one has forgotten to collect the seeds, hopefully I wont be the first one to break the tradition :)

  2. It is so nice to read about the tradition with nasturtiums in your family. I like traditions too and try to keep them. I wish you a success with the work and ideas implementation on your own land.
    Have a nice weekend

    1. Thanks a lot Loretta, I too love traditions :)

  3. I have to say that I don't like bikes at all and fortunately my men neither ! I love figues could eat them all day long ! You must be very proud of your land I would be too ! I am at Brussels airport and wait for my flight to Dublin!

  4. Wow, these figs! I like them, but I must buy, our summers are not hot enough. Well, we have other fruits here.
    I well know that, to give seeds and plant-sinkers from generation to generation...
    Falafel looks yummy, should I make too (I have a recipe in a book)
    Enjoy your weekend

  5. what a beautiful view when you go outside your house and see the mountains. your land looks very big.
    have a nice weekend

  6. It's exciting to have that land where you can plan how you use it. Our Italian house was built from scratch on an inherited strip of land so it's special to us. We can't wait to get back to Italy next month and enjoy the goodness of the land such as the figs. Then we have others in the UK to enjoy later in the year. Keeping up a family tradition is good. Do post your recipe for falafel and keep going with the men's support group. Any support group for whatever reason is important. Have a good weekend and thanks for hosting Five on Friday.

  7. The figs look wonderful and I love your story about the Nasturtium seeds being passed down through the generations. We alwyas grow some to put in salads, this year they are in a hanging basket, dangling down just near the kitchen window:)

  8. Beautiful picture of your property and bike. Fierce women are a good heritage - I come from a long line of them as well! I like the peppery taste of a Nasturtium however, I rarely add them to anything...I should change that. Have a great weekend.

  9. Nasties are so easy to grow, but beware the blackfly. I didn't know they prevented parasites in chooks!
    Yes please to that falafel recipe...those figs look magnificent.

  10. Nasties are so easy to grow, but beware the blackfly. I didn't know they prevented parasites in chooks!
    Yes please to that falafel recipe...those figs look magnificent.

  11. Your land is beautiful! All those wonderful trees...and more variety to come. That's so exciting! Loved seeing your bike too. My hubby used to have a BMW bike many years ago and he loved it. Your figs look just wonderful! Will you can some of them? And I adore nasturtiums!!! I don't think I can grow them here unless maybe in a greenhouse. Since I want chickens, it's nice to know about their use for them. I knew humans could eat the flowers and leaves...maybe it helps us not have parasites, too! :-) How wonderful that your nasturtiums are passed down from your family! are from England originally, right? Did they grow well there? I will have to try here in OR. I've never had falafel, I don't think...I would like to try to recipe.

  12. Fun to see your bike and your land is beautiful. Love seeing the nasturtiums and the wonderful story behind them. I'm a great seed saver. Figs and Falafel.... YUM! Happy Friday!

  13. Nice looking motorcycle. I never had one, got hooked on flying instead, but it looks like fun.

    Those are some big figs. I haven't had a fig in ten years. We don't have them up here in the Smokey Mountains.

  14. Your Badass Dads group sounds like such a good idea. Fathers don't often get the support they need. Your land looks like a lot of work! And your figs are so big. We have a fig tree in a pot that only has small figs on it. We need to put it in the ground, but can't decide where the best place is to plant it.

  15. Tricky - your land is beautiful!!! what an adventure you and your family are on! your bike is beautiful and i hate to brag but i drove a yamaha vino (scooter) for years to work. our security boss drove a harley and he would always high-five me and say "live to ride, sister" - bahahahaha! we love nasturtiums and grow a ton - have you ever had smoked-salmon stuffed nasturtium flowers with cream cheese??? to die for! go to my recipe blog listed on our sidebar to get the recipe. also, you can make dried nasturtiums whole as a spice or dried nasturtiums ground into a spice. we like it both ways and it's a delicious peppery spice that we can enjoy in the winter time.


    and i love your bad-ass dad group and it's philosophy! is kev alviti (from england and runs the blog An English Homestead a member?). if not invite him - he has lots of great self-sufficiency information and he is a bad-ass dad and a mostly stay-at-home dad. your group would be right up his alley.

    and you are a bad-ass dad! i can't wait to follow your's and your family's adventures - this is going to rock!

    sending love to you all! your friend,

    1. Haha yes me and Kev are great friends, he was one of the first guys I invited in to the clan and I agree he is an amazing father :)

  16. Those figs look incredible! They would be fantastic on a pizza with some proscuitto. Yummy! Have a great week!


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