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Friday, 9 June 2017

Fantastic Friday

Today is a glorious day.

If you could bottle happiness......

It is the day we find out what happened in the general election. Since I'm writing this on Thursday I do not know the outcome yet but I genuinely think it is the most important election of my lifetime and eagerly await the results. But for us today is important for a very different reason, we have officially become land owners!

Yesterday we finally completed the purchase of our land, it has taken six months from start to finish but we are now the proud owners of 5 acres and can start building our forever home at last!

Today is also the day that I fly back to the UK so see my old friends, my brothers in the White Wolf Brotherhood Motorcycle Club for a party this weekend and to get a new tattoo. This will likely be the last time I travel anywhere away from the homestead for quite some time as we'll be  busy building the house and setting up the infrastructure on the land etc.

If anyone wants to get involved we will be building facilities for people to come and stay with us so they can help out with the build, anyone staying with us will also be able to attend the courses taking place free of charge. At the moment I believe there will be a straw bale building course, an earth plaster and lime render course and also a green roofing course. There will also be various other natural building courses and no doubt a few permaculture courses over the next couple of years too :)

So this week I'll talk about 5 things I'm looking forward to now that we own the land:

The Land
I cannot wait to get started with the land! To get to know every part of it intimately, to study the wildlife, the flora and fauna and feel the passings of the seasons and their impact on our ecosystem. I want to use permaculture and regenerative agriculture to put in place the systems that will not only heal the land but improve beyond that and create a thriving diverse ecosystem, a naturally abundant food forest.

The House
I haven't shared much detail about the house we are designing yet because I didn't wan't to jinx things before the land was signed off. We have been working with our architect to create a house shaped like an almond flower, drawing inspiration from the hundreds of almond trees growing on our land. It will be built from straw bales, with lime render on the external walls and earth rendered internally. this will all be topped off with a living green grass roof planted with wildflowers and a geodome that will light up an interior courtyard that will be used as a library and meditation space. I'll be putting up photos soon of our architects 3D model of the design

The Kitchen Garden
This is something that excites and terrifies me in equal measure! We'll be creating no dig beds and trying to supply as much fresh fruit, veg, herbs and nuts to the kitchen as possible. I'm looking forward to installing the kitchen garden and designing the layout but the scheduling and timing is the bit i'm not looking forward to as I'm not the most organised person, luckily I have some of the most amazing friends that have this type of thing down to an exact science so once I learn how to tweak things to our climate it should be a bit more manageable.

The Animals
We already have chickens but I'm so excited about the possibilities on our own land. I'd like to keep quail again, and some ducks, we've spoken about turkeys, and goats.......and pigs. OK OK I know, I just want all of the animals. I can't help it, I love spending time with them and getting to know their quirky little personalities is the best. Of course the fact that we are vegetarian now makes it easier knowing that I'm not making friends with these animals only to eat them at a later date!

The Family
I've saved the best til last, I cannot wait to go through all of the experiences of this adventure with our family, for the kids to see their parents and grandparents build the farmhouse, to learn about sowing and growing, animal and land management and all the ups and downs of the homesteading rollercoaster. I also can't wait to share it with our extended family, our blog readers and the people that touch our lives through social media. There are so many friends that have said they want to get involved and come out to help with the build and visit that I know we will have the time of our lives

It's taken what seems like an eternity, but things will finally start to REALLY happen now, watch this space!

Wishing you all a Wonderful Weekend, thanks for stopping by and joining us for Five on Friday :)


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  1. Congratulations on the purchase of your land! The building project sounds very interesting. A lot of work but rewarding as well. Happy Five indeed!

  2. Dear Tricky Wolf,
    congratulations, I wish you everything good and a lot of success. I'm very interested in what you are doing and I hope you will find the time to write about it.

    Many greetings

  3. I'm so pleased for you, it sounds like there is such an exciting time ahead. Looking forward to hearing about about it.

  4. Congratulations, love your energy in this post, excited for you!

  5. What wonderful plans. I'so pleased you have secured your plot so that you can go ahead confidently. I admire the 'natural' build idea and have seen a few examples over time. (various types, various countries, different local materials) I look forward to reading about your progress and seeing photos when you're done.

  6. You sound so enthusiastic, that's wonderful ! I can imagine your joy to finally own you own land ! I would love pigs too, they seem to be very intelligent. But then I couldn't eat a piece of my own pigs ! I would love Alpacas they have such cute and big eyes. I have to plan direction retirement place and you fully start into a new life ! Can't we change ??

  7. Congratulations on becoming land owners :) It sounds like you're about to embark on a wonderful adventure as a family. Good luck to you all in your venture.


  8. With your enthusiasm you'll get things running in a jiffy. I am looking forward to all the exiting posts that are sure to come. Enjoy your weekend with your pals!

  9. Congratulations! Exciting news. Can't wait to see! Happy Fantastic Friday!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. I am so happy for you two! How incredibly exciting! I love all your wonderful plans. We only now in our sixties finally own a little over an acre and are so happy about our new home and land but years ago we considered building an underground house on about ten acres. Sometimes we get sidetracked in life! But we finally are land-owners! This is the place we plan to will to our daughter and her family. Anyway, though, I am a bit concerned about the hay bale core to your walls...won't that decompose over time and destroy the structural integrity? Check out and also the company CalEarth for an interesting alternative. They are so strong they are earthquake proof! Anyway, CONGRATULATIONS!!!!

  11. Exciting times, can't wait to follow you through everything. Will we be seeing you on TV with Kevin Mcloud following your build.

  12. I'm sure you guys are over the moon now that you officially own your land.
    I have so many questions to ask but I'm sure they will all be answered in the blog over time. I follow a blog called Going Slowly . It's a young couple Tara and Tyler, who spent a couple of years bicycling around 26 countries and then decided to settle down and bought land in 2011 in Vermont USA. What might be off interest to you is that they built a straw bale house. This is the link, scroll to the bottom for the start. Interesting blog.
    August, 2012

  13. Congrats that's awesome!! I'm so excited for you Tricky and your family! ;) It will be fun to watch the progress as it goes. I think you have incredible ideas for it too. Wishing you blessings and peace for a safe trip "home" and over all the wonderful plans for the future. Hope you all have a great weekend. xo

  14. What an exciting news for you and your family. Congratulations!! Great adventure.
    Wonderful day to you all.

  15. Really excited about this for you! Should be a real adventure and hopefully give you a wonderful way of life. Nothing to worry about on the kitchen garden, easily my most favourite thing to do and I love planning it out!
    Looking at your soil from previous posts get some biomass building plants and green manures going straight away!

  16. we are sooo excited about following this adventure that you are on! make sure to get an appropriate tattoo to mark this special time in your lives! if you have any questions that you think jam or i can answer - just yell!

    sending much love to all of you! your friends,
    kymber and jambaloney

  17. When I was 32, I came up here to the mountains with my family to start a new life. I remember the pride of owning my land. Everything from the log buildings to carving the meadow out of the forest, we planned to the nth degree. I know how you feel. Congratulations on achieving so much, and on having the courage to set out as you have. Not many can do that.

  18. Only today I read your post (sorry, I was absent from Five on Friday last week): congrats, that sound so great! Wish, I could see that and help, but I'm to far away. We are living in an old timbered house (1850), build with loam, that is good, but with straw bales - how cool is that! And healthy...
    Wish you good luck for all,
    Greetings from Germany


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