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Friday, 19 May 2017

Amsterdam Five on Friday

Five on Friday Time Again! It seems to have come around especially quick this time since we've been away.

This week I had hoped to share with everyone the many wonderful sights and delights of Amsterdam, but my phone had other ideas. On our last day there my phone died a death and so far I haven't been able to get it on or get it to play ball with the PC to retrieve them :(

Luckily between the few photos I uploaded to Instagram and the ones Carly shot on her phone I can still share some of our experience with you:

First off our flight got cancelled by Easyjet 2hours before we were due to leave, luckily we managed to grab the last 2 seats on a KLM flight but it meant that instead of getting to our apartment around 7 oclock and going out to explore we didn't get in until almost midnight so we lost an evening of exploring Amsterdam. The next morning we were ravenous so went in search of the best place Haarlem had to offer (according to tripadvisor)

By Lima
By Lima is simply amazing, I'd say it is the best breakfast I've ever had in my life.

Outside By Lima
 All of the food at By Lima is vegetarian and almost completely sourced fresh locally. I had the breakfast platter which consisted of strawberries, hazelnuts and chocolate spread on toast, old farmers cheese on fruit toast with avocado, a pot of chia pudding and to top it off freshly squeezed orange juice! A real great start to the day :)

By Lima Breakfast Platter
 Carly had "Cheesy Eggs From the Oven" which is fairly self explanatory and she thought it was so delicious that she had it again another day,

Cheesy Oven Eggs at By Lima

The Apartment
Our apartment overlooked one of the beautiful canals in Haarlem, we found it on Airbnb and for the low price it was a beautiful place to spend a long weekend

Haarlem Airbnb apartment

Carly lounging in the window seat
Art & Architecture
We visited the Rijkmuseum in amsterdam, home to some fantastic works of art, including several pieces of Rembrandt and a few Van Goghs too.

Original Self Portrait
 Opposite the museum is a fantastic old Dutch house which looked too good to not take a photo of

Beautiful Architecture
Tuschinski Theater
We booked a fancy "love seat" lodge booth at the tuschinski which is a fantastically decadent way to enjoy theater, or in our case King Arthur in 3D (best film I have ever seen to date)

Pathe Tuschinski Theater
Coffee Shops
I thought long and hard about whether to include this one, I'm sure there will be those that would disagree with what we do in our personal time but I do not feel the need to hide who I am. Yes we visited the coffee shops, yes they are fantastic. Not only can you buy practically any strain you want over the counter but the list of other products is almost never ending. Cookies, Brownies, Muffins, Truffles, Energy Drinks even Ice Cream loaded with the good stuff if you prefer edibles to smoking. I personally fell in love with the truffles we had on our last night, mind blowingly strong, I've never been so high in my life!
If you don't want to sit in and smoke at the coffee shops you can even buy pre-rolled joints to take away that come in little plastic tubes made from hemp plastic!

"Takeaway" joints in hemp plastic tubes
Warning, injecting just one marijuana a day can turn you into a Hippy Hempo

I hope no one is reeling from shock at the news that the dreadlocked hippy biker partakes in the occasional herbal high, I think if more people were honest about it cannabis would probably have been legalised decades ago! The dungarees I'm wearing in this photo are Levi Silver Tab and came from an amazing little vintage shop in Amsterdam called Episode, well worth checking out for a vintage bargain or three.

Thanks for stopping by for Five on Friday, We hope you have a wonderful weekend :)



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  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. Dear Tricky Wolf,
    I hope you spent a really nice weekend in Amsterdam, I also was several times there, but I had to work, anyway in the evening I found some time to visit the town and also a coffee shop, for me it was very interesting and I believe, that, what you can buy there is no more dangerous than alcohol, it's different, maybe more fun.
    I wish you a good time.
    P.S. I deleted the comment from my wife, because I was accidentally commenting with her account.

  3. Despite the bad start, it sounds like you had a whale of a time, your breakfast looks delicious. Amsterdam is such a beautiful place, I love the buildings reflected in the canals and all the bicycles. Have a good week.

  4. We went to Amsterdam years ago, in the camper van. We found it really good fun as well. Did you visit the sex museum? I still have a picture of my wife stood next to a seven foot penis that makes me chuckle every time I think of it!

  5. I wouldn't dream of telling you what to do in your own time and would defend your right to do precisely what you want. But I hope it isn't made legal until ALL smoking in public is banned. You see, I'm horribly allergic to the stuff and it makes me vomit rather violently. On the other hand - I'll join you for that breakfast!

  6. It seems you enjoyed your stay. Amsterdam is such a beautiful & idyllic city. Rijksmuseum is gorgeous. I visited also Coffee shops in my wild youth :) No harm done unless you grow addicted.

  7. I would LOVE to see the art and the theater. As for smoking a joint...I see nothing wrong with it at all...if that's what you want.

    Seriously. Everyone should have a right to do what they want as long as there is no harm to others, y'know?

    Breakfast is served!!! Yummy.

  8. I hope it is never never never legalised, the damage it has done to my son who now suffers psychotic espisodes depression and has suicidal tendencies all because of this drug, it damages parts of the brain as its is developing in young people giving them a peter pan attitude to life, I have been involved with a lot research, to legalise it would be destroying our young people it should only be used under medical supervision, this is a drug a harmful one and nothing more. I should also add I did have to unfriend you on face book because some of your posts were drug related and the posts were visable on my feed to my grandchildren having already seen it destroy one member of my family I dont want others to think this is part of normal life and go down the same track.
    I will continue to follow your blog please dont take offence at this comment but it is something I feel very strongly about.

    1. We are on the opposite side of the coin! My daughter lives with depression and anxiety every single day! Just a tiny bit makes it possible for her to lead a half way normal life!

  9. Sounds like a great trip! I loved Amsterdam, there is something perfect to do for everybody. We stayed on a house boat, so much fun. Your breakfasts look absolutely delicious. I am witnessing my son experimenting with marihuana. It is a mildly scary experience I have to admit here and thankfully he seems to be done with experimenting for the moment. Reading Dawn's comment above and having worked in a Forensic Toxicology department for 5 years is maybe adding to the worry. At my work back then, we would only see the really dark sides of drug use of course, any drug. Still, I'd rather see my son visiting a coffee shop in Amsterdam and enjoying a rare treat than seeing him falling over in a drunk stupor along Sauchiehall Street every Friday/Saturday night. Hope your flights back were not delayed. Really glad you enjoyed a lovely time away. x

    1. Ideally of course I'd rather not see my son in any state of intoxication :-) Thought I should add that.

  10. Sounds like you two had a lovely trip! The food looks yummy! Always nice to have a holiday!

  11. Firstly, what a wonderful trip! Amsterdam is a beautiful city. You found the perfect place to stay, and wow, those breakfasts would make anyone want to become a vegetarian! :-) I wish my meat & potatoes husband would eat more fruits & veggies! I love them, and have really gotten into more natural, organic choices mainly because of the GMOs and pesticides, etc. How wonderful to get to see all the art & architecture.

    Kudos to you for being yourself, and making no apologies for that! Cannabis is more and more part of our world...we just moved to Oregon where the laws are very different from what we are used to. I greatly respect what Dawn had to say. We have not walked in her painful shoes....I think, too often, the choice to partake comes at too young an age. I would like to see younger people protected from use while their brains are still developing. On the other hand, I think other drugs are far more dangerous, including alcohol which we all accept so readily. I will include food....yep, my over-eating is just like any other thing that may be done in excess. I am overweight, and I know that food (especially sweets and breads) is my drug, so I never judge anyone. In fact, my Christian beliefs warn against judgement also. Christ died for all of us, with all our shortcomings! You say you are an occasional partaker, and that does not equal over-use of anything by anyone, so I'd say my couple of glasses of Tellamar Dew given to me at the reunion by our darling Irish friend (it's a wonderful Irish whiskey...and I am not a whiskey drinker! :-) ) and the one beer I've had since we returned home (I have about six a year!) equates to your visit on your holiday at the coffee houses! Also, I might add, Prohibition of alcohol in this country was a disaster...just can't be done! I will stop my ramble. :-) Hope you don't lose any viewers because of your post! Bless you and Carly and the kids!

  12. Lovely post! Sounds like you're having a great time away. Your post about the coffee shops and pot made me LOL. The photo of you is just too funny! I wish I could find somewhere that does those breakfasts. It's really difficult in the US to find vegetarian restaurants. Most places don't have anything I can eat and it gets a little old eating salad every time I go out.

    Have a great week!

  13. I never smoked pot because my father would have beat me to death when I lived at home. Then when I left, I went into the Marine Corps, so for the next 20 years I couldn't. Then I went to work with a big company doing accounting, so I couldn't. Now I'm too old! ;-)

    But my kids, who are in their thirties do. I asked them not to bring it with them when they come to visit because the police here are murder if they find it on a person or in their car. Up where they live, in the Northern part of the U.S. nobody cares.

    My wife and I went to Holland in the early sixties while we were stationed in Italy. We didn't go to Amsterdam though. we went to Arnheim, but there wasn't much of the battlefield there to see. Looks like you had a great time. I'd like to go back to Europe but my wife won't fly on planes anymore, and I don't want to go without her.

    1. Oh, hell. I meant '80's, not '60's. Must be the onset of Old Timer's Disease.

  14. Looks like you had a nice time in Amsterdam. The food all looks tasty, makes your mouth water. Cx

  15. I love the new take on a takeaway - very cool :) Never plucked up the courage to try the coffee shops but Amsterdam is so full of hedonistic pleasures it's a treat for all the senses.
    Fil @ Fil’s Place

  16. Loved seeing the photos of your trip! Both those breakfasts look delicious. Would love to go there some day. My motto is judge not, lest you be judged plus I have a great appreciation for authenticity so you certainly aren't going to lose a blog follower here. I do admit that as I was first reading I was wondering why anyone would judge someone for drinking coffee in a coffee shop and then went, oh it's not "coffee." I'd probably personally pass on the spiked stuff but to each their own. Hope you have a great weekend and belated happy anniversary!

    1. Glad it's not just me, lol. I don't get out much (joking).

  17. love your photos and stories of each day! but i'm like Harry above - joined the intelligence service in the military when i was 17 and had never heard of the ganja before that. then there was 25 some odd years of pee tests and lie detector tests. so i just never really had the chance to try out any of the good "coffee". jambaloney, however was a bit of a doper when i met him. as he got older it fizzled out a bit for him...he's a senior business systems analyst and needs to be on his toes. so he hasn't really had any coffee for about 10 yrs.

    funny story that you'll love - at our company xmas party last year he comes over and asks if it is ok if he goes out with our friend k and her son to have some coffee. well, apparently they had 3 really big coffees in a small car with all the windows rolled up. when he came back in to the dance and sat between me and bestie c - the two of us near threw up he stank so bad!!! bahahahah! i guess they did a thing called a "hotbox"??? who even knew such a thing existed??? bahahah!

    i don't know - i just know he stank to high heaven and we all laugh about it all the time!

    there is no stigma here on our island for having the occasional coffee.

    oh and both jambaloney and me were completely surprised that a biker, hippy, self-sufficient dude with dreadlocks participated in coffee. oh ya - we were floored by that - bahahahahahah! (i kill me sometimes with my wittiness!)

    much love to all of you! your friend,

  18. Beautiful pictures from Amsterdam.. have a wonderful trip.. waiting to see more pictures from your vacation...


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