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Friday, 28 April 2017

Gachamiga Recipe - Five on Friday

After a lot of interest from people last week I decided to post up the recipe for Gachamiga as this weeks Five on Friday.

Traditional Open Fire Gachamiga
Gachamiga is a traditional dish typical of the Alicante/Valencia region. Born out of necessity this dish was originally for families with few resources that were living through extreme hardship but nowadays it has become a delicacy that is reserved for special occasions. 

Last week I told you how our neighbour Juan cooked Gachamiga for Easter and had promised us he would make it again to mark our daughter's 2nd Birthday. True to his word he arrived on the day armed with the ingredients, a gas ring and his trusty long handled pan.

Juan starting to cook Gachamiga

Ingredients: (enough for 4 people but just as easy to scale up to feed more)

250g of flour
1/2 glass of olive oil
4 cloves garlic (cut down centre or given a blow so they open a little)
1 liter of water approximately

Heat the oil in a pan and fry the cloves of garlic. Once they are golden pour in the flour and stir to cook without burning. A paste similar to roux for béchamel will be made.

Cook the Garlic until golden brown

Add the water little by little, stirring consistently to remove any lumps. When all of the water has been added you will have a thick liquid mass, stir without stopping until the dough thickens like an omelet, being careful that it does not stick or burn by the edges.

Keep stirring the Gachamiga to ensure it doesn't stick

Once it has the consistency of an omelette/tortilla it can be flipped like a pancake to ensure it gets cooked sufficiently on both sides. Juan flips it several times before it is ready to great cheers from everyone watching.

The end result is gorgeous toasted hot garlic dough that should look something like the photo below

This traditional recipe is vegetarian and even Vegan, but Juan says you can add things like potatoes, sausage etc like you would to an omelette. It is quite physically laborious to make (especially when making a giant pan full for 20 people!) which is partly why it is reserved for special occasions these days, much like pancakes in the UK.

Thank you all so much for your continued support of Five on Friday we are extremely grateful and hope you all have a wonderful weekend


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  1. Great tortilla! I'm new at your linkup, but many other know me from earlier...
    Happy weekend

  2. Interesting, I love the taste of garlic!

  3. Interesting receipt, sounds and looks very tasteful.
    I wish you a nice Friday.

    Many greetings

  4. It looks very yummy. I might have a go at a small one just to see how it works.

  5. Those old recipes were the best as far as simple ingredients. Thanks for sharing!

  6. I am sure it tastes delicious when somebody else prepares it for me, lol ! I became a rather lazy cook after nearly 50 years of wedding !

  7. Sounds utterly delicious! 😊

  8. Thanks for the recipe. It's good to cook something special and traditional for a celebration. Thank you for hosting Five on Friday Meetup. Have a good day!

  9. It sounds delicious!! What a great neighbour and friend you have there. It is wonderful to see your new life in Spain! Thank you as always for hosting!! Have a good weekend.

  10. that looks so delicious. what a friendly neighbour.
    have a nice weekend

  11. might have to give that one a go :-)

  12. That sounds really great! I visited that region of Spain when I was a child. My uncle had a house in a small village and we went there on holiday one year. We were really surprised and overwhelmed by the generosity of the local people. There was just one man in the village who spoke English and he would come over to the house all the time bringing food gifts from the locals.

  13. I bet the gachamiga smells divine while it is cooking in the pan. Nice neighbour to have!

  14. That looks really interesting and I bet it would taste great. However, the recipe seems very labor intensive! What a great neighbor you have.

  15. Yum, just what I fancy for my dinner! Happy Birthday to your little girl. x

  16. It looks and sounds delicious, definitely something I would like to have a go at making.

  17. Wonderful recipe! I will have to try this...kind've like the frybread I have made. I bet I can make it in the wok.

  18. Sounds delicious. What a wonderful neighbour Juan is:)

  19. Sounds a great tasting recipe. Lovely to see the whole process in your photos. Enjoy the weekend. Cathy

  20. Quite a skill set happening here - thanks for sharing it with us. Not sure I'd be game to have a try though :)


  21. Thanks for the recipe, it sounds delicious and I look forward to trying it.

  22. Looks tasty and how good of your neighbour is that! Glad you guys are fitting into the community out there, many people don't know their neighbours when they've lived next to them for 20 years!


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