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Monday, 10 April 2017

Bantam Girls

Last week we added some new girls to our flock, two bantam pullets.

Due to their colouring, meet Sansa and Khaleesi! Unfortunately there are no prizes for guessing the inspiration behind the names 

Khaleesi and Sansa

Ordinarily it is not advised to add bantam chickens to an existing flock of regular sized hens, but our flock was (unfortunately) debeaked as chicks so cannot really harm the newcomers, and these bantams are feisty for their size!

After an initial bit of bravado from the bigger girls, which was to be expected, the new pair have settled in well

Bantams beside regular sized chickens

The thing that has been really great is that the bantams lay almost pure white eggs so have bought diversity not only to the flock but to the egg basket as well and have already settled in well enough to start laying for us, as you can see their eggs are barely any smaller than our regular girls lay! (although they are still young so will get bigger with time)

The Daily Egg Yield
Nothing beats having the freshest free range eggs possible, except maybe getting to spend time with the chickens and watching their antics!



  1. They are comical to watch......and sometimes maddening if they get into the garden!

    1. they were getting in to the garden so we fenced it off, then they were flying over the fence so we clipped their flight feathers. I am awaiting their next move!

  2. I loved my bantams as time has gone on and we lost the last two to fox cubs last year I decided no more bantams only big girls, I dont like debeaking its a bit like tail docking on dogs to me.

    1. these bantams are very nervous of humans, I don't know if that is just these particular ones or bantams in general

  3. Why is debeaking done? They are all pretty birds!

    1. to stop them pecking/damaging other birds in commercial battery farm type operations :(

  4. Bantams can be lovely, my pair would always join me in the garden for a cup of coffee and sit peacefully at my side. Hens are underrated as companions!

    1. They have such great and different individual characters don't they!


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