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Sunday, 5 March 2017

Wild Resources

We love to make something out of nothing. Whether it is making our own Woodburning Stove, building our own Pallet Chicken Coop or making all manner of things from recycled materials.

This time we're making the most of the natural materials available to us in our local area. A fun project I wanted to do with the kids was to build a Bee Hotel to provide shelter for the pollinators and other bugs that are essential for a healthy Garden, so we went on a hike up the mountain to see what Mother Nature could provide us with. 

Near the top of the mountain their is a natural font/water source, and beside it is a huge stand of bamboo growing beside the trail. We cut a few canes to use for our bug hotel and have started putting it in a basic frame that will be our bug hotel when I get a chance to drill holes in the bottom blocks and finish it off.

DIY Bee Hotel from Bamboo and Pallet Wood

The tips of the canes we brought down the mountain with us have been dipped in rooting hormone so hopefully we will be able to get some of our own bamboo growing on the land. Although if it is left to run riot bamboo can be seen as invasive for us it would be an invaluable resource for building and making things around the homestead, I am certain we can find uses for it far quicker than it will grow!

Cuttings of Wild Bamboo
Another wild resource we noticed on our hike was an abundance of Rosemary growing in the mountains. Not surprising since it thrives in poor soils and is drought tolerant it must feel very at home in our arid mountains. We have taken some cuttings of the rosemary to try growing too since this local stuff will likely be far more suited to our climate than the rosemary seeds we have planted.

Wild Rosemary Cuttings

We have a beautiful Peruvian Pepper (Schinus Molle) tree growing outside our house on the bank of the dry riverbed, if anyone would like seeds from it we would be happy to do a seed swap and post them to you to try growing at home, let us know and we'll sort something out :)


  1. Wow. I can't imagine living where Rosemary grows wild. How fun!

    I just love the bee hotel. Wonder if you'll be able to sneak in for a close-up photo once it is occupied? Very interesting!

    1. it grows EVERYWHERE here, it's almost nonsense for me to grow it myself since I can pick more rosemary than I could ever use just minutes from our door!

  2. We planted some bamboo in our front garden, envisaging growing our own canes too. This we have succeeded in, but we have also planted a monster that has overtaken the garden!. I bet that rosemary will be particularly aromatic as it is grown in exactly the right climate. Love the bug hotel, we should all have them

    1. It seems as though I have managed to kill the bamboo so at least it won't be taking over our garden any time soon. still, I will try again regardless :)

  3. Rosemary grows everywhere.. That Bee hotel is very innovative..Thanks for visiting my blog..

  4. Keep the bamboo in containers. I have seen what it can do.

    1. in my case all it can do is shrivel and die!

  5. What a fabulous idea, I think we will try something similar with the kids - thanks for sharing


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