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Sunday, 12 March 2017

A Really Seedy Post....

My addiction to seeds is no great secret, I have more than too many but I'm always excited to grow even more.

Today I received an amazing gift from our Facebook friend Angie that has a few varieties that weren't already in my collection

Seeds sent to us by our friend Angie
The seeds Angie sent to us are:

Tomatilla "purple" - Physalis Ixocarpa
Squash (winter) - Blue Hungarian
Tomato - Roma VF
Swiss Chard - Rainbow
Sweet Pepper - California Wonder
Basil - Sweet
Evening Primrose - Oenothera Missouriensis

I'm thinking of setting up an online seed swap through the blog next year if it is something people would like to be involved with to help diversify the varieties we all grow and help each other grow some exciting new things 


  1. Sounds a good idea, I have tried many different things, just to see if I can grow them.

  2. That's an amazing idea! I'm a bit seed crazy myself!

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  4. I love to buy organic heirloom varieties (haven't started a swap with anyone yet) and my frig drawer is about half full....the problem is, I don't have my greenhouse or a fenced plot yet that I can plant anything. Have to protect the plants because the deer eat everything people put in the ground. So, I bet I don't get much growing done this year for sure!

  5. I did a seed swap on the blog a few years ago. I got lots of seeds but not huge uptake. It's was interesting though.

  6. I have to left hands when it comes to garden work, lol !

  7. One can't have too many seeds! I sent out some seeds a few years ago through my blog and it was fun. It was for a Baptisia australis (Blue wild indigo or blue false indigo) plant. Mine grows great in our climate and I offered some seeds for others to grow it. I say Go for it. Even if only a few people do it, it would be fun.



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