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Sunday, 19 February 2017

Seed Problem

So this is the seeds we have received to get stuck in to this growing season, which doesn't take in to account and of the seeds swaps that I have lined up with a few people that will no doubt broaden the range of what we are growing:

Bearing in mind that we will also be trying to build a house over the next year I expect that I won't be able to plant all of my seed stash, but we will try our best to grow most of it. It's certainly going to be an exciting year!

Unless you are a serious seedophile like myself then this next bit is largely just for our records, however seeing it in list form does confirm my theory that I have totally lost the plot (but in the best possible way!)
What can I say, I just want to grow ALL THE THINGS!

Our Seed List for 2017

Plant Type
Achocha Fat Baby - Gift English Homestead
African Marigold Crackerjack Mixed
Alyssum Pastel Mix
Amaranth Love Lies Bleeding
Amaranth Premier Seeds Red
Amaranth Autumn Palette
Apple Pips Braeburn Organic
Apple Pips Cox Organic
Apple Pips Gala Organic
Apple Pips Pink Lady Organic
Artichoke Green Globe
Asparagus Ariane F1
Aubergine Black Beauty
Bean (Borlotti) Bush Type
Bean (Broad) Bunyards Exibition
Bean (Dwarf French) Tendergreen
Bean (Runner) Aurora
Beetroot Perfect 3
Beetroot Detroit 2 Crimson Globe
Beetroot Moulin Rouge
Beetroot Solist
Black Locust Robinia Pseudoacacia
Borage Blue
Broccoli Summer Purple
Broccoli Early Green Calabrese
Brussel Sprout Brest F1
Busy Lizzie Mixed
Cabbage Red Fuego F1
Cabbage Golden Acre Primo 2
Cabbage Offenham 2 (Flower of Spring)
Cabbage Greyhound
Calendula Art Shades
Calendula Fiesta Gitana
Canterbury Bells Cup and Saucer Mixed
Carnation Chabaud Mixed
Carrot Autumn King 2
Carrot Royal Chantenay 3
Carrot Purple Haze F1
Carrot Early Nantes 2
Catnip Nepeta Cataria
Cauliflower All The Year Round
Celeriac Monarch
Celery Titus
Chard Bright Lights
Chinese Yum Berry Myrica Rubra
Chives Gift English Homestead 
Chives Premier Seeds Organic
Coleus Rainbow Mixed
Comfrey Symphytum Officinale
Coriander Confetti - Gift English Homestead
Cougette Black Beauty
Cougette Golden Zucchini
Cougette Lebanese
Courgette All Green Bush
Cow Pea Vigna Sinensis
Crocus Mixed
Cucamelon Gift English Homestead 
Cucumber Marketmore 76
Daffodil Narcissus Cyclamineus
Dahlia Pompom Mixed
Electric Daisy Gift English Homestead 
French Marigold Petite Mixed
Garlic Spanish Store Bought
Geranium F2 Mixed
Goji Berry Lycium Barbarum
Hollyhock Double Mixed
Honey Locust (Thornless) Gleditsia Triacanthos Inermis
Hyacinth Muscari Armeniacum
Jujube Zizyphus Jujuba
Kale Curly Scarlet
Kale Dwarf Green Curled
Lambs Lettuce Valentin
Larkspur Giant Imperial Mixed
Lavender Munstead
Lavender Common English
Leek Musselburgh
Lemon Mint Monarda Citriodora
Lettuce Salad Bowl Red and Green Mixed
Lettuce Little Gem
Lobella Crystal Palace
Lovage Levisticum Officinalis
Marigold Dwarf Mix
Marrow Tiger Cross F1
Medlar Mespilus Germanica
Melon Arava F1
Mint Peppermint Mentha Piperita
Mulberry Black Morus Nigra
Mulberry Red Morus Rubra
Mulberry White Morus Alba
Nasturtium Tom Thumb Mixed
Nasturtium Empress of India
Nasturtium Tall Single
Nasturtium Peach Melba
Nasturtium Saved from My Nans Garden Before she Died by my mother
Nigella Persian Jewels
Onion Bedfordshire Champion
Onion Red Baron
Onion (Spring) North Holland Blood Red
Onion (Spring) Evergreen Bunching
Osage Orange Maclura Pomifera
Pak Choi Choco F1
Parsnip White Gem
Parsnip Gift English Homestead 
Pea Kelvedon Wonder
Pea (Snap) Quartz
Pepper (Hot) De Cayenne
Pepper (Sweet) Romano Mixed
Pepper Pencil Cayenne - Gift English Homestead 
Pomegranate Punica Granatum
Poppy Pandora
Potato Spanish Store Bought
Pumpkin Jack O Lantern
Pumpkin Rouge vif d'Etampes
Radish French Breakfast 3
Radish Candela Di Fuoco
Rhubarb Victoria Rheum Palmatum Hybridum
Rocket Mr Fothergills
Rosemary Rosemarinus Officinalis
Runner Bean Scarlet (saved from last harvest)
Salvia Blaze of Fire
Salvia Mixed
Squash Butternut F1
Squash Sweet Dumpling
Stocks Dwarf Mixed
Strawberry Alpine Red & White Mixed
Sunflower Black Magic F1
Sunflower Mr F's Mixed
Sunflower Autumn Beauty
Sunflower Giant Single
Sweet Pea Tall Mixed
Sweet Pea Skylark Mixed
Tansy Tanagetum Vulgare
Thyme Orange Scented Thymus Fragrantissimus
Tomato Gardeners Delight
Tomato Moneymaker
Tomato Costoluto Fiorentino
Wild Flowers Saved from Local Seeds in UK
Wild Flowers BBC Countryfile Grow Wild Mix
Zinnia Purple Prince


  1. Uh oh--looks like someone fell under the spell of the seed catalogs!
    Terrific variety--you are going to be one busy family!
    Good luck in the upcoming growing season.

    1. If we have anywhere near as much success as you do Sue I'd be proud as punch!

  2. Wow! That's a lot of seeds. It looks like you'll be keeping busy. X

    1. I do often wonder how I get myself in to these things!

  3. OMG you have seed for food for the whole village!! You'll be busy.

    1. The devil makes work for idle thumbs hahaha

  4. Wow! You won't go hungry, or be bored!

    1. Well as long as I don't manage to kill everything lol

  5. Oh wow you are set up for a great growing season! I'm glad to know that others have a similar seed hoarding dilemma!

    I'm interested to see how growing medlars from seed goes; I've never seen them in the US and I do miss them from back home so if they work I'll see about trying to grow them here from seed.

    1. If they work out we'll be happy to post you some seeds out to you :)

  6. There's no way I'm doing a list of mine. Lets just say that I keep mine in 12 boxes and quite a few of them are quite full.... I know I have a problem but I love it! Just ordered a load more this week and in a few weekks time I'm havigna met up with a group of seed savers so we can start a saving circle to try to remove ourselves from the need to buy each year (although I'll probably end up buying lots anyway!).
    I love seeds!

    1. It took me almost two hours to sort and list mine, I think you would have a weeks work for yours!

  7. Also I see your cabbage seed "Offenham 2" - that's the village we lived in before we moved here. It's in the Vale Of Evesham and is famous for growing amazing veg. We used to go for walks all the time around these huge fields of salads, such a different way of farming from what I grew up with.

    1. I love hearing the back story behind the different strains names :)

  8. Sorry, I can't see what the problem is... ;-)

    1. Neither can I, perhaps that's the problem !

  9. Wow that's a lot of seeds! Still thinking about how we're going to do the garden this year in hopes of keeping the deer from eating all our food!

    1. If I hadn't recently gone vegetarian I would have suggested serving the veg with venison!

  10. You're light years ahead of us here in the Blue Ridge mountains. My wife and I plan on planting potatoes, tomatoes, squash, beans and some peppers. We are also setting her up an herb garden in a glass house we have at our place. But I couldn't take care of that much seed bed!

    1. I have to have a lot of investment in the harvest because my preps are miles behind yours though Harry, you are far better prepared than we are but it gives us something to aim for :)

  11. Wow, that is quite the seed collection. I used to be that way but now have cut back a lot, grow my veggies in large containers. I just went to a Seedy Saturday and got lots of beans and peas to grow this year.

  12. Wow and I thought my seed list was extensive. Well I have about half the amount you have so thank you for making me feel better about that. Happy growing.


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