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Monday, 28 November 2016

Repurposing and Garlic

Between showers today I've been outside with my littlest helper

We've been makin use of the empty water bottles we create out here, and rather than just throw them away we thought we'd make something useful of them

The 8L bottles make the perfect sized pot if you cut the bottom off, and if you keep the tops you can use them as cloches or sink the necks in to the soil and use them in the same way as an olla.

And as you've probably guessed we've put these makeshift pots to use to pot up some garlic

Hopefully we've got them in just in time so that they'll get a bit of frost over the next month or so, since garlic does better if it tastes a bit of cold

I think the mystery tree I posted a couple of days ago may be a cypress, so if anyone in the know can confirm that would be great.

Here's today's yoga link:



  1. What a good use of the bottles. Such a cutie in the Christmas jumper. X

    1. I think the littluns make the best garden helpers :)

  2. Love that Christmas jumper! Shame about all the plastic, but at least you're having a go at re-purposing.


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