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Friday, 4 November 2016

November Challenge Day 4

Day 4 is Yoga for your back, I've done this one once before so I know it's a good one. 
I've suffered with lower back pain since my teens when I injured my back working as a laborer. Once or twice a year I'll make a wrong move and end up barely being able to walk for a week or so and have to ear a very attractive back support that feels about as comfy as I imagine a corset would be. I kid you not I once put my back out lifting an empty plastic plate from the floor, once you have an injury it's not so much lifting weight that catches you out as you are usually thinking about the way you lift when approaching something heavy, its always the light things when you don't pay attention that mess you up. A friend of mine has similar back problems and recently put his out by sneezing!

There's one part in this session where Adriene has you put one knee across your body and then put your opposite ear on the ground, for me my whole back clicked in the most satisfying way, is it bad that I'm hoping that happens again today? haha



  1. Must check this out, I have almost constant lower back pain. No injury in my case, just too much office work. I now use one of those gigantic balls as chair, which really helps my lower back. We have a yoga class at work, which is great. Hope your back won't give you any bother.

  2. It worked wonders for me, made my back feel brand new :)


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