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Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Not Yet

Halt, who goes there?

We've been drawing around our hands but can't show you what for just yet ! 

If you're a crafty type you've likely been working on Christmas items for quite some time, and the frustrating thing can be that since some of them will be presents you won't even be able to share them until after Xmas!

What projects have you been working on, we promise we won't tell!

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  1. Sadly no projects here for Christmas this year, I will enjoy seeing glimpses of yours though. Sorry I haven't replied to some of your comments, as you know I have been away from the computer and also don't know your email address. Thank you for the offer re five on Friday and thank you too about the card offer. xx

    1. No problem at all Amy, glad you're carrying on with it!

  2. yes beavering away here with pressies, 21 pairs of bunny rabbit slippers, but cant show until the new year, I never want to see another rabbit again :-)

  3. Look forward to seeing your efforts. I've been working on something since October and have made my very first December Daily album, yay! There are two posts on You Tube showing them, here's a link if you fancy taking a look. I wonder about how my voice sounds, too! and No presents made just yet but some to do for the boys' teachers.

    1. I think your voice sounds absolutely fine I'd certainly watch more videos from you


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