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Sunday, 27 November 2016

Last of the Sunshine

A couple of days ago we managed to steal some time to go on a hike as a family again

The sun was strong and warm, a real beautiful day. Probably the last day I'll be able to head out in to the wild in just a T-shirt this year though, it's started to get colder and we've had a bit of rain so finally starting to seem like winter.

There's nothing like a bit of cold grey weather to get you thinking about what you'll be growing next year. I've had a good sort out of all my seeds to see what's viable and when it wants to be planted. Carly bought me a garden journal so hopefully that will help keep me on track.

It has gardening tips and monthly to-do''s,  along with project planners, allotment designers and a space at the back for notes and seed saving envelopes. It all seems very good, let's see if I actually remember to use it!

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  1. Oh do use Carly's lovely gift! I have a new diary to record egg yield, jobs to do, sowing and growing records etc and can't wait to be able to compare last year with the new. BTW you two have great teeth!

    1. thank you, they are all our own, home grown! haha

  2. That's a lovely family photograph and what a great gift! X

  3. What beautiful weather! That is great photo of you as a family and I love the t-shirt.

    1. Thank you, it's from a company called Bloody Nora Pam, they do a lot of family merchandise


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