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Tuesday, 8 November 2016

Day 8 - Feel Great!

Yesterday Logan woke up with pins and needles and told us he had "Pins and Noodles" and as if that didn't crack me up enough he then said "yeah Daddy, it feeled like a million moths were biting me"

Later Logan wanted to paint his Wooden Wolf white, so him and Aurora learnt to use spray paint

And since today is all about good vibes here's some of the happiest faces that I have the honour of seeing all day every day now that I'm out of the rat race. Things certainly haven't been easy or plain sailing to get us to where we are at the moment, but I'd do it all again in a heart beat for the time I get to spend with my kids now and being able to see them grow in to amazing little people

Here's Logan at the park taking after his daddy and rocking the motorcycle, Rori having an adventure on her pony. She won't get very far on this one, keeps stopping to get off and give the pony kisses and cuddles!

An odd fact, the metal bike and horse were made in the UK in Kettering in on 27 August 1996, surreal finding them in a small sleepy Spanish village in the mountains.

After a hard day of playing around, what could be better than putting your feet up and relaxing

Be we don't get off that easy, it's day 8 of the yoga challenge, let's get stuck in!



  1. Gorgeous photographs of your little ones. You must be really relishing the time you are able to spend with them now. X

    1. Thanks Jules :)
      Yeah totally, getting to spend quality time with them and make happy memories is worth more than any job could ever pay me

  2. You've made a wise and good decision in what you're doing. :)


    1. I'll drink to that! I don't make many notably wise deicisons but I think this is certainly one of them

  3. Best choice in life EVER! You won't regret this one bit.

    1. I hope not, but I'm inclined to think you're right :)

  4. Aurora and Logan look like the happiest kids in the world and you sound like the happiest dad ever. I had to laugh about the pins and noodles, sweet. It reminded me of the time when my oldest 'suffered' from what we then called verbal diarrhoea and his sister went nursery and told one of the ladies that her brother had purple diarrhoea. Fond memories, thanks for the accidental memory prompt.


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