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Thursday, 11 August 2016

Wyrdwood Acres

Wyrdwood Acres is the name we all decided to go with for our new homestead, which now has it's own facebook and blog:

We'll still be using this blog as our main blog, FAST blog is about us and the family and what we get up to whereas the Wyrdwood blog will be exclusively about the land, the house build and the plans we have for the homestead, although no doubt there will be some cross over here and there.

Also since we will be inviting as many like minded visitors as possible to come over and help with the building/ set up and get involved we also have a community group for people to share ideas etc and keep up with plans as they emerge:
One of my friends has just started an internship under THE Geoff Lawton at Zaytuna Farm for the next year, so  by the time we get the house built etc he'll be just finishing up there and will be able to come and stay with us and help us to implement some of the knowledge he has gained.

The latest post is up on Wyrdwood at:

It's very permaculture oriented and may be a bit heavy which is why I don't want to fill the FAST blog up with those type of posts, so I'm keeping them more as a journal for myself but if anyone is interested they're more than welcome over there.



  1. I'll try to keep up with all the blogs, will give me a better handle on how things progress over there. Glad the process seems to be moving right along.

    1. just a waiting game now really til we finish up the sale of our place then we can really get stuck in! We're lucky to have some great people like yourself following us and i'm sure we'll get plenty of help with ideas along the way :)

  2. How exciting!! I love watching American homestead vlogs on Youtube so it will be fab to follow your adventures closer to home. Any plans to vlog as well as blog?

    1. I've thought about it but I'm not sure the world would want to be subjected to my hybrid Birmingham/Essex accent! lol
      I imagine we'll give it a go at some point though, it would be good to keep as a video journal for progress on the land

  3. Good luck guys - I'll be following your other blog with interest!

    1. great to have you along for the ride with us, when we're set up there's a free spot for you and the family to come out for a holiday for sure!


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