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Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Quick Update

Edit: If you follow this blog you should already be fully aware that I am a foul mouthed hairy biker. If my use of expletives on a flyer that helped us raise over £1000 for charity offends you then kindly FUCK OFF

Still no date set for when we will be moving out of the house!

I'm quite impatient so this is killing me, hopefully we'll find out within the next week

Here's a couple of  photos from the weekend,
On Saturday me and the guys held a charity fundraiser at the clubhouse and raised £500 for Cancer research UK and £610 for a local toddler named George who has stage 4 Neuroblastoma
This was the flyer:

and a pic of Carly and Logan at the fundraiser, all the club's partners and kids were there for the BBQ at the start of the evening, it was a great family atmosphere

On Sunday the kids were at nanny and grandads house so me and Carly went out to see Slim Pickings play at the Leigh Maritime Festival

As always they were awesome and half of them ended up coming to party at our place until the early hours, we've become quite close friends with them since we first bumped in to each other at The Pagan Picnic

Our Breakfast this morning was crushed avocado and chopped tomato on sunflower seed rye bread nom nom nom!

and dinner was pretty much thrown together from what was hanging around in the cupboards, vegetarian sausages, roasted potatoes, home made baked beans and fresh bread from the bakers served with the very last of our quail eggs :( 
I can't wait til we're keeping quail again once we get to Spain!

On the subject of Spain, I've posted my initial layout design for the land, anyone interested in permaculture can check it out over on Wyrdwood Acres Blog

I'll be getting a design for the Kitchen Garden done this week hopefully so watch this space :)



  1. What a foul way to advertise an anti-cancer effort.

    1. Well clearly it was an effective way to advertise it. We raised £1170 on the night and have received hundreds more on the just giving link. How much money did you raise on Saturday? Or do you only concern yourself with voicing your negative opinion online?

  2. That's your one comment on this whole post? You don't like the way they advertised there fundraiser? And you actually even bothered to comment at all? Wow.

  3. Another brilliant post - well done to all on the fundraising - dinner looks scrummy and so do the Slim Pickings guys lol x

  4. Cancer is a cunt it was a fucking awesome way to advertise this.


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