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Friday, 26 August 2016

Lavender's Blue Dilly Dilly

Yesterday we went out to visit Prittlewell Priory again specifically to go through the lavender walk. As lavender walks go its quite an impressive one:

Lavender always reminds me of my Great Nan and my Nan who both loved lavender and I recall both of them often singing the rhyme Lavender's Blue, there are many versions but the most common one goes:

Lavender's blue, dilly, dilly, lavender's greenWhen I am king, dilly, dilly, You shall be queenWho told you so, dilly, dilly, who told you so?'Twas my own heart, dilly, dilly, that told me soCall up your men, dilly, dilly, set them to workSome to the plough, dilly, dilly, some to the forkSome to make hay, dilly, dilly, some to cut cornWhile you and I, dilly, dilly, keep ourselves warmLavender's green, dilly, dilly, Lavender's blueif you love me, dilly, dilly, I will love you.Let the birds sing, dilly, dilly, And the lambs playWe shall be safe, dilly, dilly, out of harm's wayI love to dance, dilly, dilly, I love to singWhen I am queen, dilly, dilly, You'll be my kingWho told me so, dilly, dilly, Who told me so?I told myself, dilly, dilly, I told me so

We ha loads of fun runnin around the grounds of the priory, watching the honey bees and the bumblebees and butterflies and seeing how many different coloured leaves we could find

At Lunch Fast-Momma treated us to a fig, bean and serrano ham salad

Then as if by magic a fortress appeared in the living room

so we spent the afternoon colouring in the poncho tent

Dinner was a home made spag-bol which I forgot to take a photo of but I think you can tell from the look of Aurora that it was DEEElicious

then just before we put the kids to bed we had one last thing to do

Logan has been having a bit of trouble sleeping and waking with nightmares regularly in the night so we made him a little "snuffle bag" with some lavender we picked that morning. Since it is calming and supposed to help with sleep we put a bunch of Lavender and a piece of amethyst inside (said to cure nightmares and insomnia) 

All tied up it smells amazing and Logan loved it and took it to bed with his teddies, he settled down to sleep in record time!

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend


  1. I'm forever picking bits of lavender when I see it growing...all my handbags have got some rolling around the bottom and in the pockets..reminds me to of Nan & old Nan x

  2. I love lavender I have taken lots of cuttings this year in the hope that next year we will have enough to line our driveway. Love the tent! "shelter in place".

    On a different note. I was watching the TV and the haribo advert was on. I swear I thought. OMG that is Tricky Wolf?

    1. That's brilliant! Carly laughed her socks off when I showed her the clip and what you said :)

  3. You sure do have a nice family. It's good to make time for doing things together. If I could change one thing about my past, I'd put a little less time into work and a little more into "family time." The trap is that a person thinks that the harder they work, the better they can provide. But not everything the family needs is something you buy with money.

    1. Thank you Harry!
      That's pretty much where I have been up until this point in my life, constantly trying to work harder and for longer but in the end you find yourself not having enough time with the family, and then when you are with them you are so tired and stressed out from work that all the money becomes worthless if you aren't fun to be around any more!


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