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Friday, 19 August 2016

Foody Thursday

Sorry Kymber, more food stuff!

We had some fantastic food on thursday so thought i'd share some of it here:

Breakfast was a scrambled quail egg muffin:

Carly went on an artisan bread making course last week and one of the recipes was for a super easy delicious pizza base so we've been having a few home made pizzas, this one was an olive/veggie pizza that the kids had for dinner:

Then our dinner was a bit of an experiment as we've never tried it before, "No-Fish Veggie Sushi" which turned out great :

So we had some excellent food yesterday, but the highlight of my day was when the postman dropped off the new book I bought, "The Market Gardener"by Jean Martin Fortier. You might say I was a bit excited about finally getting to read it

 I'm about a quarter of the way through reading it already and so far it is a fantastic book detailing how they supply around 200 families with fresh produce every week through their thriving CSA and manage to make $180,000 a year in sales from their Bio-intensively managed 1.5 acre market garden without the used of tractors/machinery. 

They've really got their layout nailed down for maximum efficiency, both for crop efficiency and minimizing human down time. The book has really got me thinking about how I will lay out the Kitchen Garden when we move on to our own land.

Everywhere I look I am seeing new designs and new ideas, I suppose it is the observe and interact aspect of permaculture that has been instilled in me, I'm so excited about being able to put it all together! not long now I suppose,

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend


  1. ugh! the quail eggs, the pizza, the veggie sushi rolls....all look to die for and soo healthy for you all! we love sushi, sometimes we make it with meat, sometimes veggie. but our first couple of attempts (with no rolling mat) came out a bit of a bust so we just busted up the seaweed and everything and threw it in a bowl and used the dipping sauce as a dressing. i called it "sushi salad". and who knew? sushi salad is a something! it's called chirashi and it's basically taking all of your ingredients and dumping it on rice, breaking up the nori and dressing over top. so if you are ever too lazy to make proper sushi, you can make chirashi.

    heck - if i didn't know any better, i would think you loved your new book! it seems like you are settling right in to your time off and i am very happy for you. tell Carly that the pizza looks divine!

    sending love to all you krazy kids! your friend,

  2. I have that book!--it's excellent! So many hardly knows where to start!

  3. I'd enjoy dinner at yours, and breakfast, too. I love the sound of a kitchen garden. I am not much of a gardener but hope to make some progress towards growing a few vegetables that thrive in Scotland next year, when we have our garden back (major building work about to start). Enjoy your weekend with plenty more delicious food.

    1. P.S. You might enjoy reading this:

  4. I got to see Mr. Fortier at a Mother Earth News Fair in 2014. He was fascinating! There was standing room only and all the audience was furiously scribbling notes. I was most impressed by the tools he uses for small spaces. Enjoy your book!


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