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Thursday, 14 July 2016

The Fires of Mount Doom

Since the fires in the great furnace that is our kitchen have been dormant for a couple of weeks whilst we were on holiday, Carly blew away the cobwebs with a bit of batch cooking to see us through the week. Here's a quick peek at some of the things she's been forging in the fires:

First up was our dinner for the day, a Grilled Halloumi, Watermelon and Green Bean Salad. Seriously delicious, i'm certain we'll be creeping halloumi in to our meals more often from now on.

Next up was a tasty home made batch of Mixed Fruit and Nut Granola for breakfasts

...A big batch of Aubergine Parmagiana that will do us 2-3 family meals... 

...Another big batch of Mushroom Moussaka with Ricotta Topping, again this would feed us for 2-3 days...

...and lastly my lunches this week have been Sweet Potato, Sweetcorn and Bean Salad. Yum Yum!

Batch cooking is a great way to stay on track with diet/wellness goals, to free time up during the week so you're not cooking every day and works out cheaper as you can bulk buy ingredients instead of single servings and uses less fuel in the cooker doing it all in one hit instead of firing it up for short periods every day.

In other news I managed to pick up a BARGAIN as a treat to myself for my birthday, I'll try to get photos tonight so I can post them up on the blog tomorrow :)



  1. Oh some ideas there as I have aubergines in the fridge to use up.

  2. They all look so delicious! We're having terrible heat right now--I don't dare fire up the oven. I'm SO looking forward to autumn!

  3. All looks great, i love the idea of batch cooking, it frees up a lot of kitchen time and saves on fuel too, Carly does look after you all well with her cooking :-)

  4. It all looks so tasty. I'm looking forward to getting to grips with meal planning and cooking again. I've let it slide of late and have a habit of cooking the same kind of meals over and over. X

  5. Look good, I'm planning on doing some batch lunch meals for my wife when she's back at work.

  6. Look good, I'm planning on doing some batch lunch meals for my wife when she's back at work.

  7. Yummy looking and practical, too. Even just cooking for myself I like to prepare ahead and have gotten into the habit of cleaning my fresh vegetables before putting them in the fridge so that I can just grab them as needed throughout the week.


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