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Monday, 11 July 2016


.Keeping it brief today as it's my buffday, I'm 28 years young today and wanted to share my favourite cards with you all. I don't normally "do" cards as I think they are a waste of money and are more often than not thrown away the next day, but these three were a bit special as Carly and the kids made them for me!

The kids did the painting with their hands and feet and of course Carly did the rest

and then I got the most random card off my Aunty but I absolutely love it! how funny:

I want to give thanks to all the amazing people in my life that have got me this far, those that have picked me up when I was low and laughed beside me in the high times and everyone that has given us such a massive amount of support through this blog. I feel very blessed today and hope that your week is blessed also



  1. Love the cards the kids ones are cute keepsakes, hope you have had a good day

  2. Happy Birthday! Fabulous cards. X

  3. Happy birthday dude. Love the cards, You are doing something right!

  4. Love the cards. Have a Happy Birthday!

  5. those cards are fantastic, so sweet! Happy Birthday old man 😉

  6. Brilliant cards! Happy birthday.

  7. Happy birthday, I have piles of home made cards they are the best, just love yours.

  8. Happy Birthday..enjoy your day.The cards are amazing..homemade are the best and also nice keepsakes

  9. Happy Birthday! Thanks for letting us enjoy your cards...especially the clever handmade ones :)


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