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Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Quails & Eggs Update

This is your life on quails:

We have been overrun with beautiful tiny eggs!

All of the girls are laying now so we have a steady stream coming in through the kitchen.
All we have to do now if keep finding new ways to use them so we don't get bored.

The Quail eggs are now averaging 14g each so are already much bigger than a couple of weeks ago when we got the very first eggs, at this size they are roughly 4 quail eggs to a chicken egg. 

Another great development is that one of my work colleagues keeps chickens and has offered to swap a dozen quail eggs for half a dozen of his chicken eggs, a fair deal in my opinion and a great way to change things up a bit.

We also got another offer from a friend who lives 5 mins down the road that keeps ducks and chickens and asked if we'd swap eggs, I was over the moon I thought swapping 12 quail eggs for 6 duck eggs was an amazing deal for us, so as you can imagine I was over the moon when I went round to drop off the quail eggs and was given 12 duck eggs for 12 quail eggs!

We gave half of the duck eggs to the Mother-in-Law Diane (who will likely be seen in the blog a bit more in the future) and she made Spicy Tiffin Eggs which we took to The Pagan Picnic.
They are SERIOUSLY delicious, the little Quail Tiffin Eggs look so cute next to the duck ones!

Another thing we've made with the quail eggs were these spicy wraps, it was amazing eating them and coming across the most delicious little eggs hidden throughout the wraps

You can do everything with quail eggs that you would with a chicken egg, you just need more of them, but since a quail lays an egg a day every day they are not in short supply, keeping a dozen quail is more than enough for us at the moment, especially when we're bartering other eggs with them aswell.

I'd love to hear how you use up your eggs, I've still got 6 duck eggs to do something fantastic with so any ideas would be great!



  1. Lemon curd will use up 5 -6 of them :) One of my favourites though is always egg and cress sandwiches :)


    1. oooo Good shout, I'll stick that on the to-do list!

  2. Great use of them. Those tiffin eggs look amazing. You could pickle them, I think they used to hard boil them, keep the shells on, but crack them and then pickle them in a dark vinegar and when you peal them they look like marbles. I think you can do they same with tea if you don;t like pickle but oblivious they won;t keep as long!

    1. pickle is good, I heard of people doing it in the leftovers from pickled beetroot so they end up with pink/purple eggs lol


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