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Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Pagan Picnic

Sunday we were out all day with our company Thor's Threads at the 8th Essex Beltane Pagan Picnic at the Roundhouse in Hadleigh.

The weather was amazing and even though rain was forecast it held off until after the event finished. There was magic, drummers, belly dancing, live music, morris dancers, story telling and a great range of different stalls.

Carly just setting up our stall

Feeling very Green Man!
One of the things I love about this kind of event is that the whole family can be there and we get to "play" just as much as we work, things don't have to be so serious and we generally just have a great time.
Workin' Hard or Hardly Workin'?

One of the other benefits of this type of thing is we get to bump in to all kinds of weird and wonderful people, and this time was no different, we bumped in to the guys from Slim Pickings!

If you haven't come across them yet you seriously need them in your life, here's my personal favourite of theirs, Dem Fall:

Me  with Andy & Jack from Slim Pickings

After taking shameless selfies with the guys, we had to get back to work, so we started taking some more selfies behind the stall!

Modelling the stock

I hope you all had a magical weekend

Laugh, Love, Live! 


  1. Love it! There was a slight wind and a little bit of rain at the event, but all that means is that THOR WAS WITH US AND WAS PLEASED!!

  2. Great photos what a brilliant event :-)

  3. My youngest son had waist length blonde dreads. I'm also a Ska nut.

    1. I'm seriously considering growing my hair out a bit and getting them myself. Can't beat a bit of Ska either


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