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Sunday, 1 May 2016

Our 6th Wedding Anniversary

Today me and Carly celebrate our Sixth Wedding anniversary!

We look so young in our wedding photos, but I suppose that's because we were so young lol

And back to the present day:

We spent a couple of days away in Canterbury to mark the occasion and disconnected both of our phones from the internet, Facebook etc so we could spend the time truly together.

Canterbury is such an amazing place that I'll never manage to fit it all in to one blog post, we managed to fit quite a lot in to the short time we were there and took some awesome photos so we'll get them uploaded and on here as quickly as we can.

For now I'll leave you with a cheeky peek at the room we stayed in whilst we were in Canterbury:

a 600 year old bedroom!



  1. Well happy anniversary you two. Sounds like you had a splendid time!!!

  2. Happy anniversary! Your wife hasn't aged at all! Whereas a beard always makes a man look older (so all my friends tell me as well! )

  3. Happy Anniversay to you both look amazing and your wife is old were you when you got married by the way?
    Married life looks like it agrees with both of you..nice to see you both smiling and happy.

    1. We got married when I was 21 and Carly was 18, Childhood sweethearts, we got engaged when Carly was 16

    2. O wow..thats a beautiful story to share with your children and grand children one and my hubby got married at the same ages..30 years later we are still going strong..

  4. Happy anniversary, Canterbury is a beautiful old place.

  5. Happy anniversary! Love that bedroom ;-)

  6. Great photos, you both look very happy and content then and now, Congratulations

  7. Marriage is Symbols of Togetherness. Marriage anniversary іѕ а vеrу important occasion fоr а couple lives. It symbolizes аnоthеr year spent tоgеthеr and many years to come..


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