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Sunday, 24 April 2016

What a Wonderful Weekend

For Aurora's first birthday we didn't want to throw a party since she wouldn't really understand what was happening anyway, So I booked the day off work and we opted to take the kids out to a couple of National Trust properties since Logan loves (in his own words) "going to see castles, old places and soldiers houses"

First up we made our way to Paycocke's House, a stunning Tudor merchant's house whose walls have more than a few stories to tell! The staff at Paycocke's were really friendly, particularly the lady who greeted us downstairs and really engaged Logan and involved him, teaching him some of the history of the house and pointing out the bits that little boys find exciting, like the carved lion on the mantelpiece and the strange animal carvings found throughout the house.

a slice of history waiting to be discovered

Logan admiring the carvings around the fireplace

I think the pink picnic basket really compliments my ensemble!

Thomas Paycocke the original owner of the house

Exquisitely hand carved ceiling beams 

Paycocke's main staircase

Heraldry of the house

Buxton and Paycocke crests emblazoned in the stained glass 

The head of the table, fantastic carving on the chair back 
Four poster bed in the main bedroom above the cartway 
Beautiful quote on the bedspread

The birthday girl resting in a chair that has seen many more years than her

Photo bombed by my own boy!

Precious Mommy and Daughter moments

Is she trying to tell us something?

Another cheeky fellow

Possibly the smallest rocking chair we've ever seen

We had our picnic in the gardens of the house, which typically we forgot to take photos of!

After Paycocke's we made our way to Grange Barn, a 13th-century monastic barn and one of Europe's oldest timber-framed buildings, it has a cathedral-like interior and is linked to a local Cistercian abbey.

Inside the barn hosts an exhibition of local woodcarving, tools and a collection of agricultural carts. Once again the staff here were great and didn't mind our energetic little man making the most of the space by racing from one end to the other to look at the carts.

Logan exploring the barn with his map

pricelees: the look of excitement and wonder

Carly wearing her home made denim dungarees and Logan in the galaxy romper that mommy made him

Being normal would be terribly dull

The fully restored roof

We concluded after a quick debate and demonstration that YES Logan CAN fit his head through the medieval cat flap!

The old carts

Epic ceiling
Whoever said history had to be boring? We had an amazing time visiting the national trust places on Friday, and since we are members it didn't cost us a penny! 

Saturday we went out for ice cream / milkshake as a treat for the birthday girl, she's growing up so fast that I'm glad we'll have the blog to look back on and see all the adventures that we've had with the kids growing up

As always we hope you've had a wonderful weekend, we're enjoying a lazy Sunday at home


  1. Looks like you had an amazing weekend, reminds me of all the different places me and nan used to take you to as a kid xx

  2. Looks like you had an amazing weekend, reminds me of all the different places me and nan used to take you to as a kid xx

  3. Brilliant, we used to make a point of taking the grandkids out for there birthday it was usually the following week end, we did lots of one to one trips with them they could choose were we went, now there is 13 of them we had to stop it as our time scheduled just didnt allow that many days out shame really :-)

  4. Interesting and fun, perfect times.

  5. Looks like a great wekend. We got a national trust membership for our birthdays so we'll have to get and visit some soon - haven't had the time as yet! I love going out for little ones birthdays and just taking them out in general, they always have such fun!


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