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Saturday, 2 April 2016

The Quails Have Landed

We've been meaning to pick up our very first flock of quail for an age and finally managed to fit it in to our schedule. We built the coop way back when so its about time we filled it up

After starting the day with bacon, spelt  pancakes and Rockabilly on the radio we were ready to go!

The farm we got them from is a bit off the beaten track and took a while to get there and back, but we now have a dozen hens to start our flock and see how we get on.

The kids were super excited to get them home and have both been talking to them and helping to fill up their food etc

Within the next couple of weeks we should start to see our very first eggs. Egg-citing times!



  1. How lovely a great step in educating the children were real food comes from and livestock management I hope your quails do well :-)

  2. I love the kid pics! We've never had quail, but they look like a fascinating addition to your homestead.


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