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Friday, 15 April 2016

Fast Five: Things I Want To Achieve In The Next Five Years

I briefly mentioned Our Five Year Plan before but thought I'd expand on it a little :

1) Buy Land
To achieve everything else that we want to, we're going to need more space, but the caveat is that land in England is so highly priced that we could wait a lifetime before we could afford to make our dreams a reality. For those of you that remember the "Choose Happy, Never Wait" post, I'm not a big fan of letting my dreams just be dreams. Land can be bought cheaply in better climates than the UK and having lived abroad before I certainly wouldn't be scared of making the leap again.

2) Leave The Rat Race
I despise the live to work work to live society that I am currently trapped in, the words "Buy this car to drive to work, drive to work to pay for this car" are truer than we give them credit for. I hate that every day I am out of the house for almost 12 hours and by the time I get back I have only a couple of hours with the kids before they go to bed. Luckily we have 2 businesses that we run that we are in the process of building up so that I can withdraw from the 9-5 world and spend more time with the ones I love.

3) Build My Own Home
It has always been a dream of mine, as it is of a lot of people I guess, to build my own home. To include all the things you don't get in new houses these days, like a root cellar, a larder, adequate storage etc. It will be the legacy that I leave to my children, and the bragging rights when I'm old and decrepit sat in a wheelchair with a large brass ear trumpet I can mumble to my grandkids proudly for the millionth time "I built this house you know"

4) Keep Livestock
I really believe that to have a successful system you need animals. They close the loop, they can take care of a lot of the "waste" such as kitchen scraps etc and can turn it in to high quality fertiliser. Then there's the eggs, milk, meat that they can provide, and I think it is important for the children to know where food comes from and appreciate the hard work that goes in to putting food on the table, which is why we should be grateful and shouldn't waste it.

5) Live
We were not made to slave away all day every day to make a faceless corporation richer. Many people think we abolished slavery, I think we just changed the rules. Which is why all of our goals focus on coming away from the destructive culture of mainstream society and living a more self sufficient, simple life. Sure it will be hard work, but everything we do will be fore the benefit of ourselves, our land and our family rather than helping the righ get richer. And we'll be together, we'll be able to spend time with each other and embrace experiences and challenges together.

A bit of a deep post for a 5 on Friday, but I want to record these goals on the blog so I can update you on our progress and reflect on them along the way.

Hope you have a Wonderful Weekend!


  1. Number 5 is the most important and can be done in increments as you work on the others :) Good luck with it all


  2. Interesting post with lots to think about. I guess I am well settled in middle age with four kids at school, a full time job and a steady income (no fancy car bought with borrowed money). I don't really feel that I am a slave to a faceless corporation. I feel that I am making an important contribution within the corporation I work for (Higher Education), and for the greater good of society, too. In fact, I rather enjoy my life in the mainstream society. It is not all bad. Still, I am wishing you good luck with your dreams and goals, I hope you get to build your house soon.

  3. Many of those would be dreams for me - but I also realise I wouldn't have the skills/patience/determination/etc to achieve them (Building my own house for example, or keeping livestock) but I have finally stopped working for 'the man' and started up for myself. It's scary. But I'm happier than I've been in years. So go for it, and don't let anyone talk you out of any of it!

  4. I think we have very simular goals. Although no chance of leaving the rat race just yet for us. I'm trying to do more work from home or at least close to home (within 5 miles) which means a lot more Meal times together. And I have a lifestyle that is massively different from most people but it works for us.
    We looked at living abroad as we never thought we'd find somewhere like this place but neither of us wanted to move away from our families. Italy was high on our list along with Canada, anywhere where family values were strong.

  5. Hope you manage to realise your dreams and get to build the house, wishing you every success.

  6. Great post. Good luck. Just to achieve some of those goals will enrich your life and that of those you love. I'm rapidly reaching the "boring the grandchildren with what we have done" phase!

  7. Great plans you have there, keep focused on them and they'll happen.
    We have had similar goals in the past but realistically they've changed now. The core is still there - escape the rat race, cut all ties (as much as poss) to the corporate world, say goodbye once and for all to the mainstream and go off-grid...
    I hope you don't mind me using your post as inspiration for my own :D !

  8. Your goals are very similar to ours, I would have happily moved abroad and at one point we nearly did, the only thing that has kept us in the UK is we run a business although we have plans to sell it at some point at the moment the income from the business is paying for our lifestyle here, I shut mine down without a thought and never looked back but Martins business is different, I am here full time living the dream we both had and Martin is only here part time next year that will change, he finds it harder to go back to work each week but needs must we knew it was a sacrifice we would have to make in the short term, we want to get all the structure in place on our small holding while we have an income, we know when the business goes we wont have the money coming in. It took me 40 years of dreaming before we got here but I never lost sight of the goals I had. Good on you one day you and your family will be living the dream.

  9. A deep post indeed, well written and full of passion. To be with the ones we love more is upmost for me. In order to achieve this for a while, we took out two children out of school for a year and sat and sailed on a very very small little sailing boat and sailed away for a year. We were with each other 24 hours a day and had the best time. I understand and feel much of your sentiments x

  10. When we were making our decision about leaving the rat race I realized this: I was going to work to earn the money to pay people to do things for me. We were putting our daughter in day care so I could bring home a net pay of $50 a week. We moved. I grow/raise/provide most of our food and do the things we paid others to do. It's a much better quality of life for me. Good luck!

  11. Good luck with all your dreams I hope you are able to crack on with a new lifestyle. :-)

  12. Good luck with all you want to do. I read a lot of blogs about Brits have left the 'rat race' and have moved to France, Spain and more and more to Bulgaria. Bulgaria is so cheap to live it's almost unbelievable.

  13. Great post, I really hope you get to your place, our world is so fake, work to live live to work.

  14. A thought provoking post, I'm certainly glad I'm not longer part of the 9-5 working routine. I hope you can realise all your dreams over the next five years:)

  15. When I read the following quote, it became my inspiration for the rest of my life. I hope you like it.

    The recognition of a desire within an individual is evidence that the gratification of that desire is within the abilities of the person who recognizes it. Quite simply, if you have what it takes to recognize a desire, then you also have what it takes to gratify the desire. Only your thoughts, feelings, attitudes, and perceptions can prevent you from realizing your dreams and desires. When you begin to affirm positive statements about yourself and visualize yourself succeeding in various endeavors, you begin to reprogram your mind. And as you think, so will it be.
    Duke Tufty, Unity Minister, Kansas City, Missouri

    1. what a fantastic quote! thank you for taking the time to share it


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