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Friday, 1 April 2016

Fast Five on Friday

This week has really crept up on me so I will share 5 photos from my phone this week:

Roast chickpea salad with asparagus and sun dried tomato, really don't miss the meat in these meals they are so tasty without it

A present from Nanny, Logan's new playhouse. we're hoping to paint it cool colours this weekend if we get chance

Two of the milk substitutes that we use now. We're not vegan and still eat meat and have dairy ocassionally, but we have cut down our consumption of those products massively and feel much better. They take a little bit of geting used to but after that both are fantastic and much better for you than milk. The Hemp seed  milk is delicious and makes a really good cup of tea

From Storm Katie with Love

And lastly a shot of the homemade baked beans on jacket potato that we had for dinner last night, DELICIOUS!

Hope you've all had a great Easter, look forward to getting back into the swing of 5 on Friday properly next week 


  1. I like chick peas, love the play house what a lovely gift have fun with the decorating

  2. The chick peas look very appetising. And I don't think I've ever considered making my own baked beans. Too easy to open a tin! I've also never seen hemp milk, but I might look out for it, if it makes good tea.

  3. Hope the fence was easily mended and what a lovely little playhouse to have in the garden. Your food looks delicious, just my cup of tea as I don't eat meat, just occasionally fish, so vegetarian meals are my favourites:)

  4. Storm Katie did a lot of damage locally to fences and garden furniture we managed to avoid any damage so for that I am thankful. Hope you managed to get the panel back up and clear the debris. Impressive play house. I have never come across hemp milk before, but certainly willing to give it a try. Hope the weather holds so that you can get the playhouse painted. Take care.

  5. I'm totally not in the swing of things as I forgot to add my link to Amy's blog today! Coconut milk is very popular these days. Your tasty dinners look great. What fun painting the playhouse! :-)

  6. we have cut back on dairy and feel much better, we have also stopped eating processed food.

  7. Gosh it looks as though you are going to be busy outside this weekend with the playhouse painting and fence mending. Hope that you can get it all done. The playhouse will be lots of fun I am sure! I have always wanted to make homemade baked beans, but I worry that I won't want to go back to normal ones! Thank you for taking part in Five On Friday, I hope you have a great weekend!

  8. I like the look of the chickpeas and beans. Yum. Haven't seen hemp milk here in Australia.


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