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Monday, 7 March 2016

Quids In

You can often pick up a bargain in a pound shop if you avoid the cheap tat that will fall apart before you get it home.

We managed to pick up these seasonal goodies when we popped in to town this weekend

 3 in one herb seed pack with Basil, Parsley and Chives seed discs, perfect for the kitchen windowsill

A bean seed sollection incluving Dwarf Bean Tendergreen, Italian Borlotti Bean and Broad Bean Bunyards Exhibition. We grew runner beans last year with great success so looking forward to rying out a few different varieties of beans this year.

A Chestnut Button Mushroom Growing Kit! I've always wanted to grow mushrooms but never gotten around to it so when I saw this kit for £1 I was very surprised since they usually tend to be around the £10 price mark.  In a few weeks time we should be showing off some home grown mushrooms with a little luck!

Lastly was was a 6 in 1 packet of flower seeds, I wanted to scatter a bit of colour and variety in to the garden to help attract pollinators and feed the bees. I don't know all that much about flowers, but here are the varieties that are in the pack:

So there you have it, well worth a look in a local pound shop this time of year, I think we did pretty well for the princely sum of £4!

Hope you had an excellent weekend and wishing you a wonderful week ahead on this frosty Monday morning!


  1. I hope you do well with your seeds, I have bought from the £1 shop before an they have done alright :-)

  2. My try the mushrooms myself x

  3. My try the mushrooms myself x

  4. I must get the Mushroom kit, Poundland does have a lot of crap but you do find some good things as well, I always have a look in the growing section.

  5. I got two flower seed disc a couple of years ago and they grew well.

  6. Hello. It's great to discover your blog from not too far away! I'm pleased you picked up a bargain with your seeds. Hope the mushrooms go well, we grow our own here and it's good fun harvesting them.

    1. Hi Wendy, just had a look through your blog, its amazing, definitely one to follow. I can see from your post walking from Wakering to Foulness that you must be very close to us indeed! Great to find someone so local in blogland, look forward to getting to know you better :)

  7. You can always find some good things to buy in the garden section at the pound shops. I haven't seen a mushroom kit there before! We did have one many years ago. It wasn't very successful I think we were at fault for not looking after it properly. I hope you get a good crop. Sarah x


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