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Monday, 21 March 2016

Permaculture Design Course Update

I've been away from blogging for the weekend as I was doing the next instalment of my Permaculture Design Course with Graham Burnett/Spiralseed at the One Love Foundation Centre

The rough timetable for Saturday was:

9.30 Arrivals/Welcomes 
10.00 Trees and Their Energy Transactions 
10.30 Restoration Agriculture 
11.00 Break 
11.15 What Is Forest Gardening? 
11.45 Designing A Forest Garden - theory 
12.15 Forest Garden Design Exercise 
12.45 Lunch 

13.30 Forest Garden tour Practical activities, eg, pruning, grafting, planting, etc. 
16.30 Closing circle

Then on Sunday we looked again at the principles of Permaculture and learnt about water systems, run off, soil erosion, water capture and storage, swales & dams etc, before moving on to mapping contours without lasers etc using a simple water level.

All in all it was another inspiring weekend with some amazing people and I can't wait to start putting these lessons in to action when we get our farm in the future. We've been learning some pretty mind blowing stuff and we're only half way through the course so far!



  1. sounds and looks like great fun, I have a few permaculture books and sometimes refer to them for ideas although I do find a lot of stuff you can bend the rules :-)

  2. It does sound interesting. The principles of permaculture are always fascinating

  3. Wow, looks like a fantastic course. The subject of permaculture can get so complicated in a book; having dialogue and hands-on is really the best way to learn it.


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