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Friday, 5 February 2016

Wicked Wednesday

Wednesday was Fast-Momma's birthday, and I had managed to convince her that I didn't have the day off and was going to work. I even got my work clothes out the night before and got up at 5.40am when my alarm went off!

But little did Fast-Momma know that Fast-Daddy had a surprise adventure in stall for her!

First up was Breakfast in bed to set the brithday girl up for a long day; Blueberry bagels, coconut yoghurt with granola, pineapple, strawberry, melon apple and kiwi

Then we had to get on the train from Essex to London, at this point I still haven't disclosed where we're actually going, 
On the train in to London!

And after a bit of a walk around in the city, we ended up outside La Scala, the italian restaurant that I had booked us for lunch :)

For Starters the Birthday girl had bruschetta With chopped vine Tomatoes, Basil and extra virgin Olive Oil and I chose the Beef Carpaccio with Rocket, Parmesan and Lemon Marmalade.

On to the mains, we both chose pizza and the portion sizes were absolutely humongous! 

My only disappointment came when I asked for a cider and was given a SODA!

After this we had another walk through the city of London and had to walk past the gates of Buckingham Palace to get to where we were going

Ornate Gates!

The Birthday girl outside Buckingham Palace

Guards at the palace
Then as we rounded a corner, a giant sign gave the game away about our final destination, London's Apollo Victoria Theatre:

Tickets courtesy of the wonderful mother in law

Wicked! It was an amazing performance, the cast was on point, the set was magical and we had an awesome evening, I'd even go to see it again it was so good.

Defying Gravity
 Then we made our way home on the train, had a chinese takeaway for dinner and drank home brew cider. A day of unusual indulgence for us, but its not every day that you turn 25 is it?



  1. Sounds like a great day out. I'll let you take me for my birthday!

  2. Happy Birthday to Fast-Momma!! Looks like you had a fabulous day!


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