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Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Pancakes and Punch ups

Pancake day came and went, I preferred a savoury one this year, consisting of smoked bacon, cheese, soured cream and a dash of maple syrup:

Nom Nom Nom Nom Nom Nom Nom

The Littluns absolutely loved the pancakes, Little Logan couldn't get enough of the lemon juice! Poor Baby Aurora has got Hand foot and Mouth at the moment and despite having an awful rash/blisters on her face and hands she still manages to be such a cheery little soul bless her! Adults rarely get hand foot and mouth, and Logan shows no sign of having it so he probably carried it home from nursery immune.

My two greatest acheivements in life enjoying their pancakes :)
Last week one of the staff down at the nursery pulled Carly aside to say "Logan was caught hitting another boy and when the teacher told him not to do that because it wasn't nice he said":

"My Daddy said I'm allowed to hit people back if they hit me first"

Since the they "didn't see" the child hitting him first they only told Logan off over it and felt compelled to tell us they thought he was too rowdy. When we spoke to Logan about it he told us that the boys at nursery always hit him and no one helps him, so we informed the nursery that he had said to us he keeps getting hit and we told them they need to keep a better eye on him and do something about it.

Today when Carly went to pick Logan up from nursery he had a red mark on his face and told her that "a boy hit him in the garden" and when Carly confronted the girl that was supposed to be looking after him she "didn't see anything happen" and she "was with him the whole time". So the invisible boy must have done it. I am absolutely furious about it at the moment, if circumstances were different we would home school him because I feel that the system just doesn't work.

I know boys will be boys but I don't expect my son to be hit on a regular basis when I am entrusting him in to the care of others. If the problem persists and the nursery doesn't resolve the issue I will be on the rampage BIG TIME.

I'll end this somewhat ranty post with a picture of my beautiful boy, who could punch a face like this? 



  1. Hope you get it sorted, it's awful; one of the reasons mine never went anywhere near the system at any age, but I understand it's not always possible for all. your children are lovely and a credit to you both :)


    1. Thanks, appreciate the kind words!

  2. Poor little did the girl explain the mark on his face if she was "with him the whole time"... hope you get things sorted or Carly may have to take her shoe off to someone xx

  3. Poor little did the girl explain the mark on his face if she was "with him the whole time"... hope you get things sorted or Carly may have to take her shoe off to someone xx

  4. oh the poor wee soul :( quite frankly i agree that if they get hit first then to hit back.
    i don't believe she was with him the whole time or clearly she would have seen him get hit. Either that or the boy that hit him is a child of someone forceful they don't want to get on the wrong side of? or the girl doesn't want to get in trouble for seeing it and doing nothing?
    hopefully it will be resolved soon

  5. I hope you can get it sorted, poor little soul. He looks happy with is pancakes though xx


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