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Tuesday, 19 January 2016

The 10 C's of Survival 7/10 - Cotton

Cotton On To This Survival Tool That Might Just Save Your Life....

Nothing fancy, just a humble square of cotton.
Our grandparents would never have gone anywhere without a handkerchief, but these days people seem to favour a bandana when it comes to carrying cotton.
A bandana is another one of those things that is useful for a thousand things but nothing specific.
From fire-starters to head coverings, from bandages to signalling flags, cotton bandanas are deceptively multi-use.

Since they weigh next to nothing and can be crammed into almost any space in a bag or pocket there is no downside to carrying a couple. The basic bandana can be picked up for less than £1 online, and there are now various fancy ones that have all sorts of survival info printed on them for around £10, You can even get them printed with local maps.

I found a handy infographic that outlines just a few of the infinite uses of the bandana, borrowed from Preparing4SHTF

So, do you carry a bandana or handkercheif? and if not, why not?


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