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Monday, 18 January 2016

The 10 C's of Survival 6/10 - Candle

Probably what you least expected on the topic of candles...

The Candle in the 10 C's of Survival really refers to Candlepower, or Illumination. Although a genuine candle is useful for this, in an urban day to day situation, like trying to find your seat in the cinema, it is somewhat frowned upon to light up a candle and is safer for everyone if you stick to using a torch instead.

A lot of people carry the small keyring type LED lights to help get their front door unlocked in the dark and there is certainly no harm in having one of those and maybe keeping one on the zip of your pack too. When it comes to torches it really is a case of getting what you pay for. Although the cheap CREE torches from china are well worth the £2 they cost, they don't have the best reliability or the longest service lives. If I'm going to carry something every day I'd rather know that I can depend on it when it counts.

My EDC go-to torch is the LEDLenser Aviator, it is well built, functional and affordable. Housed in a splash proof aircraft grade aluminium body, It features two different light settings, Five high intensity white LED's for an ultra bright beam plus the added bonus of a high intensity red LED light to aid enhanced night vision.

LedLenser Aviator Dual Colour LED Torch

The two light modes work independently on two different buttons and can even be used at the same time if you wanted. The white is around 120 lumens and has an alleged burn time of 44hrs from 3 AAA batteries. This is more than bright enough for my needs, as I would only use it short range and also carry a headtorch for the times when I need to illuminate larger areas or long distance. I picked the Aviator because it is a good all rounder, the white light is great for lighting the way and to attract attention if you need to, and the red is excellent if you need a more tactical option for an escape/evasion type scenario 

BEWARE, more than half of the LEDLenser products one Ebay are substandard counterfeits, I strongly advise if you have bought LEDLenser products online you check how to spot a fake LEDLenser article HERE

I will do an article on the fakes at a later date, I would recommend only using an authorised retialer such as currently the Aviator is on offer at £31.99 with free UK delivery

Love to hear your thoughts as always, do you carry a torch?



  1. I think its torch city here, both have two in the cars, there are 4 in the back porch and three in the kitchen, every bedroom has a torch and every other room has a torch including the bathroom, we have loads in the barns kept in various areas, why so many well when it gets dark here its black and we often get power cuts so where ever we are if the power goes off a torch is in reach, visitors find it fascinating how dark it gets I have a small one in my jacket pocket and bag too lots of them are re-chargable or wind up torches in the bedrooms there is nothing worse than grabbing a torch and the battery is flat, we use recharable battries a lot too, they can all be charged through a brief case solar panel so if we were without power for some time we can still use the torches, we also have oil lamps and the other year I made a lot of oil lamps from bottles for the chimney and mason jars for the base I bought a lot of fittings for the wicks, we have boxes of candles as well so emergency lighting we are set up its come in handy a few times :-)

  2. We have a few good quality torches (lenser and I just checked they are genuine luckily!) P7 in the car and one in the house and then a few P3 to carry around. I also have a couple of head torches that I use daily, I would be lost with out them, my orchard was planted by torch light! My mother brought me a rechargeable LED floodlight for christmas and that is amazing, last ages and gives out a good light.
    Also got a box of candles under the stairs because that's what power cuts are about! Along with glow sticks for the kids to make it fun for them at a low cost. Also works as a great night light for them.


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