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Monday, 11 January 2016

The 10 C's of Survival 1/10 - Cutting Tool

First in this series of posts and possibly most important is the Cutting Tool/knife. If you have a knife then most other things can be made from natural materials if you have the skills and knowledge.
Now Certainly out if the wilderness a fixed blade is going to be your go to choice, but in an urban setting it may not be practical. Particularly in the UK, where if you carry anything sharper than a ham sandwich you will be seen as a lunatic. So avoiding the legal quagmire of carrying a fixed blade in public, for UK legal Daily carry you are only within the law to carry a sub 3 inch, non locking blade i.e a penknife. You do not need any reason at all to carry such a blade, you only need to provide got reason if your blade is longer than 3 inches or has a locking mechanism.

For my personal every day carry (EDC) I tend to alternate between 3 knives depending on where I'm going or what I expect to be doing. My Current Favourites are Lansky World Legal, CRKT Edgie and Elk Ridge Stockman folder

Closed, from Left to Right: Lansky World Legal, CRKT Edgie and Elk Ridge Redbone Stockman

Open, from Top to Bottom: Lansky World Legal, CRKT Edgie and Elk Ridge Redbone Stockman

The Elk Ridge Redbone Stockman, the gentleman's knife, is a traditional classic penknife, has 3 stainless blades and is very small and light, perfect to slip in a pocket and forget about. This knife is usually in my jacket pocket and is kept razor sharp, it has a slip joint and although a nice little blade it would not stand up to any serious cutting or hard work. At the time of writing, this little blade can be picked up for £9.99 at Blades and Bows HERE (no affiliation)

Next up is the Edgie made by the Columbia River Knife and Tool, aka CRKT. This is the knife that is usually with me when I'm out and about, it fits nicely in the "lighter" pocket on a pair of jeans and is noot too big or bulky, I barely notice I'm carrying it. The unique thing about the Edgie is that there is a small diamond sharpener built inside the handle, so every time you open and close the blade it sharpens itself, making it the first true self sharpening knife in the world. The only problem with this knife is that in order for the self sharpening feature to work, the blade had to be made of a slightly softer metal, which means that any abuse will put a serious nick in the blade and if you attempt to touch up the blade with a sharpener you run the risk of the self sharpening feature not working any more. In other words this is a great blade for around the office, for light duties like paper and cardboard but don't expect anything too demanding from it. At the time of writing, this little blade can be picked up for £11.95 at Heinnie Haynes HERE (no affiliation)

Lastly is the World Legal. This knife is not to everyones tastes but I absolutely love it. It is big, like seriously HUGE. It is as big as a UK legal EDC can get. Its also heavy for a pocket knife. It is an aggressive style of blade that is likely to attract negative attention if taken out in public as the UK public have been brainwashed in to seeing knives as weapons rather than tools. That being said it is my favourite, it is well designed, well made and nigh on indestructible. it handles any abuse you can throw at it and asks for more. The slip joint is so strong it is less likely to fold up on your hand than most lock knives. A real work horse of a knife, this is the one that most often finds itself in my pocket, and after a while you get used to the size and weight of it. At the time of writing, this little blade can be picked up for £16.95 at Heinnie Haynes HERE (no affiliation)

The Lansky World Legal Knife, my personal favourite

As with all tools, it is important to make sure they are as sharp as possible, a blunt knife is downright dangerous.

I'd love to hear from everyone about their preferences and what they carry, let us know in the comments below



  1. I live the look of the lanky world legal and might have to add it to my birthday wish list. To be honest I favour a 99e Stanley knife nut I'm not massively concerned about edc as I don't go many places without my van which is stuffed full of tools. Around the homestead I have a number of pen knifes and my favourite is a ck "real lambs foot". My dad brought me my first one when I was ten so I could help on the farm easier than asking to borrow his all the time.

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