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Monday, 25 January 2016

Spoke too soon...

Poor little Logan was up all night being sick so I took the day off work today to look after him. At 4.30am his temperature was 39.1°c and he said his throat and tummy hurt so we took him to the doctors when they opened. The little fella has been ill since the 18th of December, has had 3 different courses of antibiotics and a course of antihistamines for a cold, an ear infection, a cold, a cough, conjunctivitus, a cold again, a sore throat and now fever and sickess, our doctor is pretty useless and seems to just prescribe an antibiotic pulled out of a hat and hope for the best, and yet they wonder why antibiotics are losing their effectiveness?
Then to top it off a glass bottle of cider exploded in the kitchen, cider was the only thing being kept in glass because it wasn't supposed to be fizzy so I didn't expect it to blow. Lesson learned....again!
The silver lining of today came whilst I was writing this, Logan told me a proper joke for the very first time:
What do you get if you cross a cat with a parrot? A Carrot!
I don't know where he picked that up but I found it funny coming totally out of the blue from a 3 year old, he's never grasped the concept of jokes before so the punchline was always something random.

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  1. Poor Logan I hope he's feeling better now. Ahh their first jokes - I remember that time well x


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