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Thursday, 21 January 2016


The blog is now 5 months old and has just passed 5000 page views,
I Just wanted to say a quick thank you to everyone that reads and comments on the blog,

Fingers crossed the end of next month we'll be getting a dozen quail to start off our flock which will be an exciting adventure for us. The coop is almost finished and only needs me to staple the wire mesh to the back of it and attach the second door.

I've been thinking about the quails and how to make sure they have a variety in their diet and had been mulling over the idea of starting a mealworm farm in a bucket to give them the occasional treat, but I think I may have stumbled upon an alternative too. My mother keeps giant snails, and depending on species once old enough each snail will lay between 200/300 eggs twice a month through spring and summer, which would make a great snack for the quails. Add to this the fact that the snails eat only scraps and cuttlefish for calcium, which could always be substituted for powdered eggs from the quails. It seems to me that they would go hand in hand perfectly, but I'd be interested to hear thoughts on the idea



  1. Looking forward to reading about your quail, something I've pondered for a long time, for the eggs. Good luck with it all, will follow with interest. Am taken by the snails too lol

  2. I dont know anything about quail my daughter raised some for the table but it was a lot of flaff for little meat interested to see how you get on, I see you frequent P2S I used to years ago, when I go into prepping, at one time I was a mod on there as well :-)

    1. Didn't know that Dawn you dark horse! We will primarily be using the quail for eggs rather than meat, although the meat will be a bonus when they stop being productive

    2. There is lot to me I dont often share ;-) we had a few skills meets at my place and I often met up with other forum members, lunatics as well some-of them needless to say I have moved on from the tin foil brigade on the dark side :-)

    3. mixed bag, there are some people on there that I think the world of and then there are some fully blown nutters and imbeciles. that's the problem with any group or community, once it gets to a certain size there is bound to be a rotten apple somewhere

  3. Snails are something I've often considered but for protein for ourselves. Although with three young kids now I'm not going to pretend they'd eat them!
    As for quail I wish you luck. The liilte bugger have got a deathwish and like to bang their heads so make sure you have netting on top if the pen. I toy with the idea of getting them again as I think there is a market for the eggs around here but maybe rabbits first for us.
    What is p2s that you and Dawn are talking about if you don't mind me asking?

    1. P2S - Prepared 2 Survive forum, there's a link on the right for it mate

  4. I was offered my neighbours quail once & I've often thought I wished I'd taken him up on the offer. Fascinating to read about the snails x


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