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Thursday, 19 November 2015

The Ultimate Prepper Footwear....

An item created to save you from the worst possible pain. No one knows when this disaster may strike next, it could be today, it could be  tomorrow, it could be any time, any place, but one thing is some point in time you WILL step on a Lego brick. are you willing to endanger your family for any longer? 

Lego slippers created to save parents pain of stepping on tiny plastic bricks

The solution is out there people, don't risk the feet of your loved ones!


  1. Well, I'll comment. This idea is very funny. I do remember stepping on Lego when our kids were small. Wow! That hurts.
    I just "discovered" your blog and know that it will be very fun to read.
    I saw the connection on the Permaculture Facebook page. I'll be back!

  2. I meant to ask you exactly when did you start this blog and, more importantly, move to Spain? And the in-laws moved with you? Fabulous! I would love to do that, too, move our son and his wife and our first and only grandson who is almost a year old to a more hospitable country than the current political climate here in the US. There is nothing like being a grannie! (or a farmer) We raise chickens and vege and some fruit, but at 7,250 altitude in Colorado, it's tricky.


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