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Monday, 23 November 2015

Garden Update

The weather has been pretty horrendous lately, the mercury has dropped significantly and now that we've had the first frost it feels like winter has finally reared its ugly head.

Last week saw Storm Barney hit our neck of the woods, and the high speed winds tore the felt off the roof of the shed, so there was plenty of fun and games trying to get the felt back on and stapled down to keep the water out.

Since I was already out in it wet and cold I thought I'd make the most of it and managed to get the Garlic planted (which was given to us by a friend that bought it back from France) and pulled up the carrots as I wasn't sure how they'd cope with the frost. Fingers crossed I'm hoping to pull up the parsnips next month just in time for Xmas dinner, although they have been battered by the winds and are looking a little worse for ware. After that there's just the leeks to harvest and we'll be ready to prepare the beds for next years growing and really start to improve the quality of the soil.

Time to get the seed catalogues out!

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