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Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Fast-SoS Halloween


Like Mike

we're going to need a very big newspaper for this one!

Delicious eyeballs

Litte Logan's Birthday is around halloween so we like to have a spooktacular halloween themed birthday party for him and make the most of the spooky decorations available at that time of year. We had jack'o'lanterns carved from the pumpkins grown in the vegetable patch, homemade cakes and snacks and plenty of fun and games. 

the spooky crew at Fast-SOS HQ
At to top off all the fun, it wouldn't quite be Fast-SoS without a bit of drama, so for good measure we accidentally locked ourselves out of the house when we left to go round nanny and Grandad's for the party, so upon our return Fast-Daddy had to break back in to the house dressed as a skeleton. I'm not sure if I was more relieved or concerned that the neighbours didn't report a six foot skeleton breaking in to our house! The problem was hat we left a key in the back of the door so although we had the keys to the house they were useless, and even Logan's little arm was too big to go through the letterbox and pull it out. Luckily we noticed as soon as we left, so borrowed a chisel from the father in law before we returned home, so in less than 5 mins I was in the house and within 15mins the back door was back exactly how it was before. saved me an expensive locksmith callout but it's worrying to think that someone can gain entry to your property silently with basic tools so quickly. From a preppers point of view I may bury/stash a hammer and chisel somewhere in the garden in case it happens again, although if you really wanted to I reckon you could do the same job with a keyring prybar, it'd just be a bit more fiddly.

So that was our fun and games over the all hallows period, how was your halloween?



  1. Brilliant pics :) It al passed me by, sadly as I wasn't well, but I handed on my pumpkins and sweeties I'd got in, so someone would get the benefit! Roll on next year lol

    1. Sorry to hear you've been unwell :( sending healing thoughts and hopefully you're on the mend now :) have a great day


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