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Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Winter Frenzy

Hi folks, 

We've been fairly quiet online of late as we are majorly busy getting Fast-SoS HQ ready for winter and trying to get everything shipshape before the frosts are on us.

We've almost finished fitting the new kitchen, re-decorating it and tiling it out etc, The father-in-law has been worked to the bone! but things are starting to come together now so very soon all should be well and we'll be back to business as usual.

The state of affairs in the vegetable garden at the moment is:

The runner beans are now finished for the year, we had so much produce from this plant that we were giving them away by the bag load as we got sick of eating them in the end! next year we'll hopefully be using them as part of the feed for our quails and chickens.

The peas didn't do very well but I suspect it was down to overcrowding, we still managed to have a couple of meals out of them though and they were the most delicious peas we'd ever eaten, full of flavour.

The leeks are coming along and doing well, we're looking forward to when they're ready.

The pumpkins are all ready just in time for Little Logan's birthday around halloween and we think we might make a pumpkin cake from them.

The cucamelons came up out of the ground but didnt bare fruit, they were planted late and didnt pay off.

Our Spinach grew like crazy and is still growing now, another green that we're hoping to throw to the poultry to give them some variety.

The Carrots and Parsnips have formed a miniature forest in their raised bed so we're hoping to have some delicious roots out of there in the near future.

A friend of ours recently journeyed over to France and came back with some real French garlic bulbs and has given us some to plant, they smell absolutely divine and are bursting with flavour so we'll be getting some in the ground later this month and potentially won't need to buy any again, more on that in a future post.

How did your gardening efforts go this year, how did your garden grow?


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